2016-07-22 Jens Axboelog: fix missing entries
2016-07-22 YukiKitaFix "exitall_on_error" option
2016-07-20 Karl Cronburgdrifting in output of interval-averaged values was...
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiAdd missing header inclusion for Android from 1c764dbe
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiAdd os/os-linux-syscall.h to separate syscall NR from...
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiChange ARCH_X86_64_h to ARCH_X86_64_H
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiAdd ioprio_set() support for DragonFlyBSD
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiMake I/O priority option generic for non-Linux environm...
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiMake I/O priority option generic for non-Linux environm...
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiAdd CPU affinity support for DragonFlyBSD
2016-07-19 Tomohiro KusumiFix wrong cpuio option name in documentation
2016-07-17 Sitsofe Wheelerplot: indicate that the pattern is a glob
2016-07-17 Sitsofe Wheelerplot: add gnuplot 5 support
2016-07-14 Jens Axboepthread: bump min stack size
2016-07-14 Tomohiro KusumiAdd os_trim() support for FreeBSD
2016-07-14 Tomohiro KusumiAdd os_trim() support for DragonFlyBSD
2016-07-13 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'fix_verify' of
2016-07-13 Charlie Jacobsenverify: Reset verify_state before verification phase.
2016-07-11 Casey Bodleyworkqueue: rename private to priv for compiling as c++
2016-07-11 Jens Axboeiolog: flush_log() can be bool
2016-07-06 Karl Cronburgsamples being added to the pending log were silently...
2016-07-05 Jens Axboegfio: call g_thread_init() for <= 2.31.0
2016-06-29 Jens AxboeHOWTO: remove old use cases for the net IO engine
2016-06-28 Vincent Fuhelper_thread: remove impossible branch
2016-06-28 Vincent FuRemove hard-coded precision for printing JSON float...
2016-06-13 Jens AxboeFio 2.12 fio-2.12
2016-06-13 Jens Axboestat: treat !per_unit_logs() like IO offload mode
2016-06-12 Jens Axboeiolog: fix 'cur_log' leaks
2016-06-12 Jens Axboeiolog: allocate 'cur_log's out of shared pool
2016-06-12 Jens AxboeRevert "fio: Simplify forking of processes"
2016-06-09 Vincent Fuoptions: fix typos
2016-06-08 Jens Axboeoptions: mark unsupported options as such
2016-06-08 Jens Axboeparse: add support for unsupported options
2016-06-07 Jens Axboestat: fix reversed check for ramp time
2016-06-06 Jens Axboestat: remove redundant unit log check
2016-06-06 Jens AxboeFix ramp time breakage
2016-06-03 Jens AxboeDocumentation: fix psyncv2 typo
2016-06-03 Vincent Futools/ add tool that converts json...
2016-06-02 Jens AxboeDocumentation update
2016-06-02 Jens Axboearch: wire up preadv2/pwritev2 for more architectures
2016-06-02 Omar SandovalFix iodepth_batch=0
2016-06-02 Jens AxboeEnable preadv2/pwritev2 engines by default on Linux
2016-05-27 Ryan HardinAdded millisecond-accurate timestamp to JSON output
2016-05-27 Jens Axboeserver: ensure that we flush compressed logs correctly
2016-05-25 Jens Axboemutex: abstract out cond/lock pshared init
2016-05-25 Jan KaraFix occasional hangs on mutexes
2016-05-25 Jan Karafio: Simplify forking of processes
2016-05-25 Jens Axboehash: make 64-bit even on 32-bit
2016-05-25 Jens AxboeFio 2.11 fio-2.11
2016-05-25 Jens Axboebackend: regrow logs for sync IO engines as well
2016-05-24 Mark Nelsonremove numpy and scipy dependency
2016-05-24 Martin SteigerwaldSpelling fix. Reported by Debian´s lintian.
2016-05-24 Martin SteigerwaldSpelling fix.
2016-05-24 Martin SteigerwaldSpelling fix. Reported by Debian´s lintian.
2016-05-24 Martin SteigerwaldSpelling fix. Reported by Debian´s lintian.
2016-05-24 Martin SteigerwaldSpelling fix. Reported by Debian´s lintian.
2016-05-23 Jens Axboeparse: warn if option is missing a long option variant
2016-05-23 Jens Axboeoptions: add missing long option names
2016-05-23 Jens Axboecconv: wire up conversion of unique_filename
2016-05-23 Jens Axboeoptions: add 'unique_filename'
2016-05-21 Jens AxboeFio 2.10 fio-2.10
2016-05-20 Jens Axboeiolog: fix potential oops in iolog disabling
2016-05-20 Jens Axboeiolog: fix two bugs in deferred growing
2016-05-20 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-20 Jens Axboeiolog: remove dead define
2016-05-20 Jens Axboeiolog: regrow log out-of-line
2016-05-20 David ZengThe fixed CPU architecture in the Makefile will make...
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: fix duplicate handling of compression end
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: fix bug with ret != Z_STREAM_END
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: more compression debugging/fixes
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: sum last chunk length to total
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: memset() zstream at init time
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: fix missing new-line in inflate debug statement
2016-05-19 Jens Axboebackend: move iolog compression init before CPU affinit...
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: don't quiesce on completion
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeiolog: switch to list based scheme
2016-05-19 Jens Axboebackend: dump state of stuck thread
2016-05-19 Jens Axboebackend: mark the thread as finishing, when we are...
2016-05-19 Jens Axboebackend: only do forceful timeout exit if the job isn...
2016-05-19 Jens Axboeflist: add flist_last_entry()
2016-05-18 Jens Axboefilesetup: align a size given as a percentage to the...
2016-05-17 Ben Englandadd -A option for better stats
2016-05-17 Jens Axboeinit: cleanup random inits
2016-05-17 Michael Schoberg... Windows crash in ctime_r()
2016-05-17 Jens Axboezipf/pareto/gauss: hash cleanup
2016-05-17 Jens Axboeoptions: 0.00 is a valid gauss dev
2016-05-17 Jens AxboeAdd support for non-uniformly random file service type
2016-05-17 Jens Axboezipf/pareto/gauss: add option to disable hashing
2016-05-16 Jens Axboestat: add blocksize to averaged log, if it's consistent
2016-05-11 Jens Axboeverify: unroll string copy
2016-05-11 Jens Axboeverify: only escape 'name', not prefix+name
2016-05-11 Jens Axboeverify: escape '/' in state file name to '.'
2016-05-11 Jens Axboeverify: increase state file name and log error on failure
2016-05-10 Jens Axboeioengines: cleanup
2016-05-10 Jens Axboeengines/pmemblk: more cleanups
2016-05-09 Jens AxboeChange default IO engine from sync to psync
2016-05-09 Jens Axboeio_u: if we're doing backwards IO, wrap to end (not...
2016-05-09 Jens Axboefilesetup: ensure that we align file starting offset
2016-05-06 Jens AxboeMakefile: fix path to tools/
2016-05-06 Jens AxboeFix typo in tools/