[PATCH] Allow job file to be last argument
[fio.git] / crc32.c
1/* crc32 -- calculate and POSIX.2 checksum
2 Copyright (C) 92, 1995-1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
4 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
5 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6 the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
7 any later version.
9 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12 GNU General Public License for more details.
14 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15 along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
16 Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
18#include "crc32.h"
20static const unsigned long crctab[256] = {
21 0x0,
22 0x04C11DB7, 0x09823B6E, 0x0D4326D9, 0x130476DC, 0x17C56B6B,
23 0x1A864DB2, 0x1E475005, 0x2608EDB8, 0x22C9F00F, 0x2F8AD6D6,
24 0x2B4BCB61, 0x350C9B64, 0x31CD86D3, 0x3C8EA00A, 0x384FBDBD,
25 0x4C11DB70, 0x48D0C6C7, 0x4593E01E, 0x4152FDA9, 0x5F15ADAC,
26 0x5BD4B01B, 0x569796C2, 0x52568B75, 0x6A1936C8, 0x6ED82B7F,
27 0x639B0DA6, 0x675A1011, 0x791D4014, 0x7DDC5DA3, 0x709F7B7A,
28 0x745E66CD, 0x9823B6E0, 0x9CE2AB57, 0x91A18D8E, 0x95609039,
29 0x8B27C03C, 0x8FE6DD8B, 0x82A5FB52, 0x8664E6E5, 0xBE2B5B58,
30 0xBAEA46EF, 0xB7A96036, 0xB3687D81, 0xAD2F2D84, 0xA9EE3033,
31 0xA4AD16EA, 0xA06C0B5D, 0xD4326D90, 0xD0F37027, 0xDDB056FE,
32 0xD9714B49, 0xC7361B4C, 0xC3F706FB, 0xCEB42022, 0xCA753D95,
33 0xF23A8028, 0xF6FB9D9F, 0xFBB8BB46, 0xFF79A6F1, 0xE13EF6F4,
34 0xE5FFEB43, 0xE8BCCD9A, 0xEC7DD02D, 0x34867077, 0x30476DC0,
35 0x3D044B19, 0x39C556AE, 0x278206AB, 0x23431B1C, 0x2E003DC5,
36 0x2AC12072, 0x128E9DCF, 0x164F8078, 0x1B0CA6A1, 0x1FCDBB16,
37 0x018AEB13, 0x054BF6A4, 0x0808D07D, 0x0CC9CDCA, 0x7897AB07,
38 0x7C56B6B0, 0x71159069, 0x75D48DDE, 0x6B93DDDB, 0x6F52C06C,
39 0x6211E6B5, 0x66D0FB02, 0x5E9F46BF, 0x5A5E5B08, 0x571D7DD1,
40 0x53DC6066, 0x4D9B3063, 0x495A2DD4, 0x44190B0D, 0x40D816BA,
41 0xACA5C697, 0xA864DB20, 0xA527FDF9, 0xA1E6E04E, 0xBFA1B04B,
42 0xBB60ADFC, 0xB6238B25, 0xB2E29692, 0x8AAD2B2F, 0x8E6C3698,
43 0x832F1041, 0x87EE0DF6, 0x99A95DF3, 0x9D684044, 0x902B669D,
44 0x94EA7B2A, 0xE0B41DE7, 0xE4750050, 0xE9362689, 0xEDF73B3E,
45 0xF3B06B3B, 0xF771768C, 0xFA325055, 0xFEF34DE2, 0xC6BCF05F,
46 0xC27DEDE8, 0xCF3ECB31, 0xCBFFD686, 0xD5B88683, 0xD1799B34,
47 0xDC3ABDED, 0xD8FBA05A, 0x690CE0EE, 0x6DCDFD59, 0x608EDB80,
48 0x644FC637, 0x7A089632, 0x7EC98B85, 0x738AAD5C, 0x774BB0EB,
49 0x4F040D56, 0x4BC510E1, 0x46863638, 0x42472B8F, 0x5C007B8A,
50 0x58C1663D, 0x558240E4, 0x51435D53, 0x251D3B9E, 0x21DC2629,
51 0x2C9F00F0, 0x285E1D47, 0x36194D42, 0x32D850F5, 0x3F9B762C,
52 0x3B5A6B9B, 0x0315D626, 0x07D4CB91, 0x0A97ED48, 0x0E56F0FF,
53 0x1011A0FA, 0x14D0BD4D, 0x19939B94, 0x1D528623, 0xF12F560E,
54 0xF5EE4BB9, 0xF8AD6D60, 0xFC6C70D7, 0xE22B20D2, 0xE6EA3D65,
55 0xEBA91BBC, 0xEF68060B, 0xD727BBB6, 0xD3E6A601, 0xDEA580D8,
56 0xDA649D6F, 0xC423CD6A, 0xC0E2D0DD, 0xCDA1F604, 0xC960EBB3,
57 0xBD3E8D7E, 0xB9FF90C9, 0xB4BCB610, 0xB07DABA7, 0xAE3AFBA2,
58 0xAAFBE615, 0xA7B8C0CC, 0xA379DD7B, 0x9B3660C6, 0x9FF77D71,
59 0x92B45BA8, 0x9675461F, 0x8832161A, 0x8CF30BAD, 0x81B02D74,
60 0x857130C3, 0x5D8A9099, 0x594B8D2E, 0x5408ABF7, 0x50C9B640,
61 0x4E8EE645, 0x4A4FFBF2, 0x470CDD2B, 0x43CDC09C, 0x7B827D21,
62 0x7F436096, 0x7200464F, 0x76C15BF8, 0x68860BFD, 0x6C47164A,
63 0x61043093, 0x65C52D24, 0x119B4BE9, 0x155A565E, 0x18197087,
64 0x1CD86D30, 0x029F3D35, 0x065E2082, 0x0B1D065B, 0x0FDC1BEC,
65 0x3793A651, 0x3352BBE6, 0x3E119D3F, 0x3AD08088, 0x2497D08D,
66 0x2056CD3A, 0x2D15EBE3, 0x29D4F654, 0xC5A92679, 0xC1683BCE,
67 0xCC2B1D17, 0xC8EA00A0, 0xD6AD50A5, 0xD26C4D12, 0xDF2F6BCB,
68 0xDBEE767C, 0xE3A1CBC1, 0xE760D676, 0xEA23F0AF, 0xEEE2ED18,
69 0xF0A5BD1D, 0xF464A0AA, 0xF9278673, 0xFDE69BC4, 0x89B8FD09,
70 0x8D79E0BE, 0x803AC667, 0x84FBDBD0, 0x9ABC8BD5, 0x9E7D9662,
71 0x933EB0BB, 0x97FFAD0C, 0xAFB010B1, 0xAB710D06, 0xA6322BDF,
72 0xA2F33668, 0xBCB4666D, 0xB8757BDA, 0xB5365D03, 0xB1F740B4
75unsigned long crc32(const void *buffer, unsigned long length)
77 const unsigned char *cp = (const unsigned char *) buffer;
78 unsigned long crc = 0;
80 while (length--)
81 crc = (crc << 8) ^ crctab[((crc >> 24) ^ *(cp++)) & 0xFF];
83 return crc;