descriptionfio - Flexible IO Tester
ownerJens Axboe
last changeFri, 24 Feb 2017 01:45:07 +0000 (01:45 +0000)
3 days ago Sitsofe Wheelerfio: fix overflow trying to use 'd' suffix master
4 days ago Jens AxboeFio 2.18 fio-2.18
5 days ago Jens Axboeconfigure: disable compile time asserts for !opt and...
5 days ago Jens Axboeinit: use 'bool' for get_new_job()
6 days ago Jens Axboeinit: exit on failure to add all jobs
7 days ago Sitsofe Wheelerappveyor: add CI building of the Windows version of fio
7 days ago Tomohiro KusumiRevert "configure: Drop default CONFIG_LITTLE_ENDIAN...
7 days ago Tomohiro KusumiSilence Cygwin warning "'vsprintf_s' redeclared without...
7 days ago Tomohiro KusumiRemove irrelevant Cygwin config flag CONFIG_FADVISE
7 days ago Tomohiro KusumiAdd details of file number/size related options to...
7 days ago Tomohiro KusumiAvoid irrelevant "offset extend ends" error message
7 days ago Tomohiro KusumiRename thread_options' ->io_limit to io_size
9 days ago Jens AxboeRevert "Always set ->real_file_size to -1 when failed...
11 days ago Jens AxboeMerge branch 'travis_osx' of
11 days ago Sitsofe Wheelertravis: add OS X builds
11 days ago Sitsofe Wheelertravis: prepare for additional builds
4 days ago fio-2.18 fio v2.18
5 weeks ago fio-2.17 fio v2.17
2 months ago fio-2.16 fio-v2.16
4 months ago fio-2.15 fio v2.15
5 months ago fio-2.14 fio v2.14
7 months ago fio-2.13 fio v2.13
8 months ago fio-2.12 fio v2.12
9 months ago fio-2.11 fio v2.11
9 months ago fio-2.10 fio v2.10
10 months ago fio-2.9 fio v2.9
11 months ago fio-2.8 fio v2.8
11 months ago fio-2.7 fio v2.7
13 months ago fio-2.6 fio v2.6
13 months ago fio-2.5 fio v2.5
13 months ago fio-2.4 fio v2.4
14 months ago fio-2.3 fio v2.3
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