descriptionfio - Flexible IO Tester
ownerJens Axboe
last changeThu, 23 May 2019 20:57:52 +0000 (14:57 -0600)
3 days ago Jens Axboeglusterfs: update for new API master
4 days ago Jens Axboeconfigure: add gettid() test
4 days ago Jens AxboeFio 3.14 fio-3.14
6 days ago Jens Axboeio_uring: sync with liburing/kernel
10 days ago Vincent Fustat: remove terse v2 blank lines with description...
10 days ago Vincent Fudocs: improve terse output format documentation
10 days ago Vincent Fuclient: add a newline after terse disk util
10 days ago Vincent Fuclient: handle disk util for all output formats
10 days ago Vincent Fuclient: do not print disk utilization for terse v2
2019-05-09 Jens Axboet/io_uring: improve EOPNOTSUPP message
2019-05-08 Jens Axboet/io_uring: clarify polled support is fs + device
2019-05-07 Rebecca CranUpdate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for FreeBSD builds
2019-05-06 Jens AxboeMerge branch 'fix-infinite-loop-of-io_uring' of https...
2019-05-05 Satoru Takeuchiio_uring: fix possible infinite loop
2019-04-25 Jens Axboeio_uring: remove cachehit information
2019-04-25 Jens AxboeFix __FIO_OPT_G_ISCSI numbering
4 days ago fio-3.14 fio v3.14
3 months ago fio-3.13 fio v3.13
6 months ago fio-3.12 fio v3.12
7 months ago fio-3.11 fio v3.11
8 months ago fio-3.10 fio v3.10
8 months ago fio-3.9 fio v3.9
10 months ago fio-3.8 fio v3.8
11 months ago fio-3.7 fio v3.7
13 months ago fio-3.6 fio v3.6
15 months ago fio-3.5 fio v3.5
15 months ago fio-3.4 fio v3.4
17 months ago fio-3.3 fio v3.3
18 months ago fio-3.2 fio v3.2
19 months ago fio-3.1 fio v3.1
21 months ago fio-3.0 fio v3.0
22 months ago fio-2.99 fio v2.99
3 days ago master
7 months ago latency-probe