path: root/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_netlink.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-27netfilter: conntrack: validate cta_ip via parsingLin Ma
2023-05-17netfilter: conntrack: define variables exp_nat_nla_policy and any_addr with C...Tom Rix
2023-04-26Merge git:// Abeni
2023-04-19netfilter: conntrack: fix wrong ct->timeout valueTzung-Bi Shih
2023-04-19netfilter: conntrack: restore IPS_CONFIRMED out of nf_conntrack_hash_check_in...Pablo Neira Ayuso
2023-03-30netfilter: ctnetlink: Support offloaded conntrack entry deletionPaul Blakey
2023-03-06netfilter: ctnetlink: revert to dumping mark regardless of event typeIvan Delalande
2023-02-22Merge git:// Kicinski
2023-02-22netfilter: conntrack: fix rmmod double-free raceFlorian Westphal
2023-02-22netfilter: ctnetlink: fix possible refcount leak in ctnetlink_create_conntrack()Hangyu Hua
2023-01-24netlink: fix spelling mistake in dump size assertJakub Kicinski
2023-01-05netlink: add macro for checking dump ctx sizeJakub Kicinski
2022-11-30netfilter: ctnetlink: fix compilation warning after data race fixes in ct markPablo Neira Ayuso
2022-11-18netfilter: conntrack: Fix data-races around ct markDaniel Xu
2022-08-31netfilter: remove nf_conntrack_helper sysctl and modparam togglesPablo Neira Ayuso
2022-07-22Merge Kicinski
2022-07-21net: netfilter: Add kfuncs to set and change CT statusLorenzo Bianconi
2022-07-21net: netfilter: Add kfuncs to set and change CT timeoutKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-07-21net: netfilter: Add kfuncs to allocate and insert CTLorenzo Bianconi
2022-07-20Merge git:// Kicinski
2022-07-11netfilter: nf_conntrack: use rcu accessors where neededFlorian Westphal
2022-07-07netfilter: conntrack: fix crash due to confirmed bit load reorderingFlorian Westphal
2022-05-18netfilter: ctnetlink: fix up for "netfilter: conntrack: remove unconfirmed list"Stephen Rothwell
2022-05-13netfilter: conntrack: add nf_ct_iter_data object for nf_ct_iterate_cleanup*()Pablo Neira Ayuso
2022-05-13netfilter: conntrack: remove unconfirmed listFlorian Westphal
2022-05-13netfilter: conntrack: remove the percpu dying listFlorian Westphal
2022-05-13netfilter: conntrack: include ecache dying list in dumpsFlorian Westphal
2022-04-08netfilter: conntrack: split inner loop of list dumping to own functionFlorian Westphal
2022-02-10Merge git:// Kicinski
2022-02-09netfilter: ctnetlink: use dump structure instead of raw argsFlorian Westphal
2022-02-04netfilter: ctnetlink: disable helper autoassignFlorian Westphal
2022-01-09Merge git:// Kicinski
2022-01-09netfilter: make function op structures constFlorian Westphal
2022-01-09netfilter: conntrack: convert to refcount_t apiFlorian Westphal
2021-12-23Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-12-16netfilter: ctnetlink: remove expired entries firstFlorian Westphal
2021-12-15Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-12-09Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-12-08netfilter: conntrack: annotate data-races around ct->timeoutEric Dumazet
2021-11-30netfilter: ctnetlink: remove useless type conversion to boolBernard Zhao
2021-11-26Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-11-16net: align static siphash keysEric Dumazet
2021-11-08netfilter: ctnetlink: do not erase error code with EINVALFlorent Fourcot
2021-11-08netfilter: ctnetlink: fix filtering with CTA_TUPLE_REPLYFlorent Fourcot
2021-09-03Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-08-30netfilter: refuse insertion if chain has grown too largeFlorian Westphal
2021-08-25netfilter: ctnetlink: missing counters and timestamp in nfnetlink_{log,queue}Pablo Neira Ayuso
2021-08-25netfilter: ecache: remove nf_exp_event_notifier structureFlorian Westphal
2021-08-25netfilter: ecache: prepare for event notifier mergeFlorian Westphal
2021-08-25netfilter: ecache: remove one indent levelFlorian Westphal