path: root/net/mac80211/rc80211_minstrel_ht.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-07wifi: mac80211: minstrel_ht: remove unused has_mrr member from struct minstre...Peter Seiderer
2022-05-16mac80211: minstrel_ht: support ieee80211_rate_statusJonas Jelonek
2021-02-12mac80211: minstrel_ht: remove sample rate switching code for constrained devicesFelix Fietkau
2021-02-12mac80211: minstrel_ht: significantly redesign the rate probing strategyFelix Fietkau
2021-02-12mac80211: minstrel_ht: reduce the need to sample slower ratesFelix Fietkau
2021-02-12mac80211: minstrel_ht: use bitfields to encode rate indexesFelix Fietkau
2021-01-22mac80211: minstrel_ht: remove old ewma based rate average codeFelix Fietkau
2021-01-22mac80211: remove legacy minstrel rate controlFelix Fietkau
2021-01-22mac80211: minstrel_ht: add support for OFDM rates on non-HT clientsFelix Fietkau
2021-01-22mac80211: minstrel_ht: clean up CCK codeFelix Fietkau
2019-10-11mac80211: minstrel_ht: rename prob_ewma to prob_avg, use it for the new averageFelix Fietkau
2019-08-21mac80211: minstrel_ht: improve rate probing for devices with static fallbackFelix Fietkau
2019-06-19treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 500Thomas Gleixner
2019-04-26mac80211: minstrel_ht: add support for rates with 4 spatial streamsFelix Fietkau
2018-10-11mac80211: minstrel: reduce minstrel_mcs_groups sizeFelix Fietkau
2018-10-11mac80211: minstrel: merge with minstrel_ht, always enable VHT supportFelix Fietkau
2018-10-11mac80211: minstrel: remove unnecessary debugfs cleanup codeFelix Fietkau
2016-12-15mac80211: minstrel_ht: move supported bitrate mask out of group dataFelix Fietkau
2015-04-01mac80211: add max lossless throughput per rateThomas Huehn
2015-04-01mac80211: restructure per-rate throughput calculation into functionThomas Huehn
2015-04-01mac80211: improve Minstrel variable & function namingThomas Huehn
2015-04-01mac80211: add new Minstrel-HT statistic output via csvThomas Huehn
2014-10-21mac80211: minstrel_ht: add basic support for VHT rates <= 3SS@80MHzKarl Beldan
2014-10-20mac80211: minstrel_ht: macros adjustments for future VHT_GROUPsKarl Beldan
2014-10-20mac80211: minstrel_ht: Increase the range of handled rate indexesKarl Beldan
2014-09-11mac80211: improve minstrel_ht rate sorting by throughput & probabilityThomas Huehn
2014-09-11mac80211: Unify rate statistic variables between Minstrel & Minstrel_HTThomas Huehn
2013-04-22mac80211/minstrel_ht: use the new rate control APIFelix Fietkau
2013-03-06mac80211: merge value scaling macros of minstrel_ht and minstrelThomas Huehn
2013-03-06mac80211/minstrel_ht: increase sampling frequency of some slower ratesFelix Fietkau
2013-02-13mac80211/minstrel_ht: add support for using CCK ratesFelix Fietkau
2010-06-24minstrel_ht: move minstrel_mcs_groups declaration to header fileJohn W. Linville
2010-06-02mac80211: add the minstrel_ht rate control algorithmFelix Fietkau