path: root/mm/page_alloc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysmm: prevent page_frag_alloc() from corrupting the memoryMaurizio Lombardi
2022-09-11mm/page_alloc: fix race condition between build_all_zonelists and page alloca...Mel Gorman
2022-08-05Merge tag 'mm-stable-2022-08-03' of git:// Torvalds
2022-08-03Merge tag 'efi-next-for-v5.20' of git:// Torvalds
2022-08-01Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git:// Torvalds
2022-07-29mm/page_alloc: correct the wrong cpuset file path in commentMark-PK Tsai
2022-07-29page_alloc: fix invalid watermark check on a negative valueJaewon Kim
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: use try_cmpxchg in set_pfnblock_flags_maskUros Bizjak
2022-07-17mm, hugetlb: skip irrelevant nodes in show_free_areas()Gang Li
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: replace local_lock with normal spinlockMel Gorman
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: remotely drain per-cpu listsNicolas Saenz Julienne
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: protect PCP lists with a spinlockMel Gorman
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: remove mistaken page == NULL check in rmqueueMel Gorman
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: split out buddy removal code from rmqueue into separate helperMel Gorman
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: use only one PCP list for THP-sized allocationsMel Gorman
2022-07-17mm/page_alloc: add page->buddy_list and page->pcp_listMel Gorman
2022-07-07mm: kasan: Skip page unpoisoning only if __GFP_SKIP_KASAN_UNPOISONCatalin Marinas
2022-07-07mm: kasan: Skip unpoisoning of user pagesCatalin Marinas
2022-07-03mm/page_alloc: make the annotations of available memory more accurateYang Yang
2022-07-03mm: convert destroy_compound_page() to destroy_large_folio()Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2022-07-03mm: introduce clear_highpage_kasan_taggedAndrey Konovalov
2022-07-03mm: rename kernel_init_free_pages to kernel_init_pagesAndrey Konovalov
2022-06-16mm/page_alloc: use might_alloc()Daniel Vetter
2022-06-15memblock: Disable mirror feature if kernelcore is not specifiedMa Wupeng
2022-05-27Merge tag 'mm-stable-2022-05-27' of git:// Torvalds
2022-05-27Merge tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2022-05-27' of git:// Torvalds
2022-05-27mm: fix is_pinnable_page against a cma pageMinchan Kim
2022-05-27mm: split free page with properly free memory accounting and without raceZi Yan
2022-05-27mm/page_alloc: always attempt to allocate at least one page during bulk alloc...Mel Gorman
2022-05-25mm: fix a potential infinite loop in start_isolate_page_range()Zi Yan
2022-05-19mm: fix missing handler for __GFP_NOWARNQi Zheng
2022-05-19mm/page_alloc: fix tracepoint mm_page_alloc_zone_locked()Wonhyuk Yang
2022-05-13mm/memory-failure.c: simplify num_poisoned_pages_deczhenwei pi
2022-05-13mm: cma: use pageblock_order as the single alignmentZi Yan
2022-05-13mm: page_isolation: enable arbitrary range page isolation.Zi Yan
2022-05-13mm: make alloc_contig_range work at pageblock granularityZi Yan
2022-05-13mm: page_isolation: move has_unmovable_pages() to mm/page_isolation.cZi Yan
2022-05-13mm/page_alloc: cache the result of node_dirty_ok()Wonhyuk Yang
2022-05-09mm: create new mm/swap.h header fileNeilBrown
2022-04-29mm/page_alloc: simplify update of pgdat in wake_all_kswapdsChen Wandun
2022-04-28mm/page_alloc: reuse tail struct pages for compound devmapsJoao Martins
2022-04-28mm/page_alloc.c: calc the right pfn if page size is not 4KMa Wupeng
2022-04-28mm/vmscan: make sure wakeup_kswapd with managed zoneWei Yang
2022-04-28mm: wrap __find_buddy_pfn() with a necessary buddy page validationZi Yan
2022-04-28mm: page_alloc: simplify pageblock migratetype check in __free_one_page()Zi Yan
2022-04-28mm/page_alloc: adding same penalty is enough to get round-robin orderWei Yang
2022-04-24page_alloc: use vmalloc_huge for large system hashSong Liu
2022-04-15mm, page_alloc: fix build_zonerefs_node()Juergen Gross
2022-04-05Revert "mm/page_alloc: mark pagesets as __maybe_unused"Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2022-04-01mm/munlock: protect the per-CPU pagevec by a local_lock_tSebastian Andrzej Siewior