path: root/include/linux/skbuff.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-19tls: rx: strp: force mixed decrypted records into copy modeJakub Kicinski
2023-04-21Merge tag 'for-netdev' of Kicinski
2023-04-20net: move dropreason.h to dropreason-core.hJohannes Berg
2023-04-20net: skbuff: update and rename __kfree_skb_defer()Jakub Kicinski
2023-04-20Merge git:// Kicinski
2023-04-19net: skbuff: hide nf_trace and ipvs_propertyJakub Kicinski
2023-04-19net: skbuff: push nf_trace down the bitfieldJakub Kicinski
2023-04-19net: skbuff: move alloc_cpu into a potential holeJakub Kicinski
2023-04-19net: skbuff: hide csum_not_inet when CONFIG_IP_SCTP not setJakub Kicinski
2023-04-19net: skbuff: hide wifi_acked when CONFIG_WIRELESS not setJakub Kicinski
2023-04-17bpf: Set skb redirect and from_ingress info in __bpf_tx_skbDaniel Borkmann
2023-04-17netfilter: nf_tables: fix ifdef to also consider nf_tables=mFlorian Westphal
2023-04-14page_pool: allow caching from safely localized NAPIJakub Kicinski
2023-04-13Daniel Borkmann says:Jakub Kicinski
2023-04-06netfilter: br_netfilter: fix recent physdev match breakageFlorian Westphal
2023-03-27net: introduce a config option to tweak MAX_SKB_FRAGSEric Dumazet
2023-03-20net: skbuff: move the fields BPF cares about directly next to the offset markerJakub Kicinski
2023-03-20net: skbuff: reorder bytes 2 and 3 of the bitfieldJakub Kicinski
2023-03-20net: skbuff: rename __pkt_vlan_present_offset to __mono_tc_offsetJakub Kicinski
2023-03-14net: page_pool, skbuff: make skb_mark_for_recycle() always availableAlexander Lobakin
2023-03-08net: reclaim skb->scm_io_uring bitEric Dumazet
2023-02-20net/sched: cls_api: Support hardware miss to tc actionPaul Blakey
2023-02-13net: add pskb_may_pull_reason() helperEric Dumazet
2023-02-10net: skbuff: drop the word head from skb cacheJakub Kicinski
2023-02-07net: add SKB_HEAD_ALIGN() helperEric Dumazet
2023-02-06net: introduce skb_poison_list and use in kfree_skb_listJesper Dangaard Brouer
2023-01-27net: skbuff: drop the linux/hrtimer.h includeJakub Kicinski
2023-01-27net: skbuff: drop the linux/splice.h includeJakub Kicinski
2023-01-27net: skbuff: drop the linux/sched.h includeJakub Kicinski
2023-01-27net: skbuff: drop the linux/sched/clock.h includeJakub Kicinski
2023-01-27net: skbuff: drop the linux/textsearch.h includeJakub Kicinski
2023-01-27net: skbuff: drop the linux/net.h includeJakub Kicinski
2022-12-09skbuff: Introduce slab_build_skb()Kees Cook
2022-11-11net: remove skb->vlan_presentEric Dumazet
2022-10-24net: skb: move skb_pp_recycle() to skbuff.cYunsheng Lin
2022-10-12io_uring/af_unix: defer registered files gc to io_uring releasePavel Begunkov
2022-09-30net-next: skbuff: refactor pskb_pullRichard Gobert
2022-09-28net: shrink struct ubuf_infoPavel Begunkov
2022-09-28net: introduce struct ubuf_info_msgzcPavel Begunkov
2022-09-08Merge git:// Abeni
2022-09-06Merge Abeni
2022-09-02tcp: TX zerocopy should not sense pfmemalloc statusEric Dumazet
2022-08-24net: skb: prevent the split of kfree_skb_reason() by gccMenglong Dong
2022-08-23flow_dissector: Make 'bpf_flow_dissect' return the bpf program retcodeShmulik Ladkani
2022-07-22Merge Kicinski
2022-07-19Merge branch 'io_uring-zerocopy-send' of git:// Kicinski
2022-07-19net: introduce __skb_fill_page_desc_noaccPavel Begunkov
2022-07-19net: introduce managed frags infrastructurePavel Begunkov
2022-07-19net: Allow custom iter handler in msghdrDavid Ahern
2022-07-19bpf: Don't redirect packets with invalid pkt_lenZhengchao Shao