path: root/fs/f2fs/node.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-04f2fs: support recording errors into superblockChao Yu
2022-10-04f2fs: code clean and fix a type errorZhang Qilong
2022-10-04f2fs: fix wrong dirty page count when race between mmap and fallocate.Shuqi Zhang
2022-08-29f2fs: iostat: support accounting compressed IOChao Yu
2022-08-08Merge tag 'f2fs-for-6.0' of git:// Torvalds
2022-08-03Merge tag 'folio-6.0' of git:// Torvalds
2022-08-02f2fs: Convert to filemap_migrate_folio()Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2022-07-30f2fs: fix to avoid use f2fs_bug_on() in f2fs_new_node_page()Chao Yu
2022-07-14fs/f2fs: Use the enum req_op and blk_opf_t typesBart Van Assche
2022-06-28f2fs: do not skip updating inode when retrying to flush node pageJaegeuk Kim
2022-06-21f2fs: do not count ENOENT for error caseJaegeuk Kim
2022-05-31Merge tag 'f2fs-for-5.19-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2022-05-12f2fs: change the current atomic write wayDaeho Jeong
2022-05-09f2fs: Convert to release_folioMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2022-05-06f2fs: avoid infinite loop to flush node pagesJaegeuk Kim
2022-05-06f2fs: use flush command instead of FUA for zoned deviceJaegeuk Kim
2022-04-01f2fs: Get the superblock from the mapping instead of the pageMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2022-03-22Merge tag 'folio-5.18b' of git:// Torvalds
2022-03-15f2fs: Convert f2fs_set_node_page_dirty to f2fs_dirty_node_folioMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2022-03-15f2fs: Convert invalidatepage to invalidate_folioMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2022-03-03f2fs: fix to avoid potential deadlockChao Yu
2022-02-12f2fs: add a way to limit roll forward recovery timeJaegeuk Kim
2022-01-24f2fs: move f2fs to use reader-unfair rwsemsTim Murray
2022-01-19Merge tag 'f2fs-for-5.17-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2022-01-15mm: introduce memalloc_retry_wait()NeilBrown
2022-01-04f2fs: do not bother checkpoint by f2fs_get_node_infoJaegeuk Kim
2022-01-04f2fs: avoid down_write on nat_tree_lock during checkpointJaegeuk Kim
2021-09-20f2fs: set SBI_NEED_FSCK flag when inconsistent node block foundWeichao Guo
2021-08-23f2fs: rebuild nat_bits during umountChao Yu
2021-08-23f2fs: separate out iostat featureDaeho Jeong
2021-08-17f2fs: support fault injection for f2fs_kmem_cache_alloc()Chao Yu
2021-08-05f2fs: extent cache: support unaligned extentChao Yu
2021-08-02f2fs: do not submit NEW_ADDR to read node blockJaegeuk Kim
2021-07-25f2fs: don't sleep while grabing nat_tree_lockJaegeuk Kim
2021-07-06f2fs: drop dirty node pages when cp is in error statusJaegeuk Kim
2021-06-23f2fs: compress: add compress_inode to cache compressed blocksChao Yu
2021-05-14f2fs: restructure f2fs page.private layoutChao Yu
2021-04-10f2fs: clean up build warningsYi Zhuang
2021-03-26f2fs: allow to change discard policy based on cached discard cmdsSahitya Tummala
2021-03-25f2fs: fix to avoid out-of-bounds memory accessChao Yu
2021-02-26block: Add bio_max_segsblock-5.12-2021-02-27Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2021-01-27f2fs: deprecate f2fs_trace_ioJaegeuk Kim
2021-01-27f2fs: Replace expression with offsetof()Zheng Yongjun
2020-12-08f2fs: fix to account inline xattr correctly during recoveryChao Yu
2020-12-03f2fs: avoid race condition for shrinker countJaegeuk Kim
2020-11-02f2fs: call f2fs_get_meta_page_retry for nat pageJaegeuk Kim
2020-10-13f2fs: handle errors of f2fs_get_meta_page_nofailJaegeuk Kim
2020-09-29f2fs: remove unused check on version_bitmapWang Xiaojun
2020-09-14f2fs: clean up kvfreeChao Yu
2020-09-08f2fs: fix indefinite loop scanning for free nidSahitya Tummala