path: root/drivers/bluetooth/hci_bcm.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-29Bluetooth: hci_bcm: do not mark valid bd_addr as invalidJohan Hovold
2023-04-23Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add Acer Iconia One 7 B1-750 to the bcm_broken_irq_dmi_tableHans de Goede
2023-04-23Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 830 / 1050 to the bcm_broken_irq...Hans de Goede
2023-04-23Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Limit bcm43430a0 / bcm43430a1 baudrate to 2000000Hans de Goede
2022-12-12Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add CYW4373A0 supportMarek Vasut
2022-07-21Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Increase host baudrate for CYW55572 in autobaud modeHakan Jansson
2022-07-21Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Prevent early baudrate setting in autobaud modeHakan Jansson
2022-07-21Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add DT compatible for CYW55572Hakan Jansson
2022-07-21Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add BCM4349B1 variantAhmad Fatoum
2022-07-21Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add support for FW loading in autobaud modeHakan Jansson
2022-03-18Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add the Asus TF103C to the bcm_broken_irq_dmi_tableHans de Goede
2022-03-04Bluetooth: hci_bcm: add BCM43430A0 & BCM43430A1Luca Weiss
2022-01-06Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Check for error irqJiasheng Jiang
2021-10-25Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Remove duplicated entry in OF tablePaul Cercueil
2021-08-04Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Fix kernel doc commentsAndy Shevchenko
2021-03-18Bluetooth: btbcm: Add BCM4330 and BCM4334 compatiblesLinus Walleij
2021-03-08Bluetooth: btbcm: Obtain and handle reset GPIOLinus Walleij
2020-12-18Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add support for ISO packetsJakub Pawlowski
2020-04-22Bluetooth: btbcm: Make btbcm_setup_patchram use btbcm_finalizeHans de Goede
2020-04-22Bluetooth: btbcm: Fold Patch loading + applying into btbcm_initialize()Hans de Goede
2020-04-22Bluetooth: btbcm: Move setting of USE_BDADDR_PROPERTY quirk to hci_bcm.cHans de Goede
2020-04-03Bluetooth: hci_bcm: fix freeing not-requested IRQMichał Mirosław
2020-04-03Bluetooth: hci_bcm: respect IRQ polarity from DTMichał Mirosław
2020-01-15Bluetooth: hci_bcm: enable IRQ capability from devicetreeGuillaume La Roque
2020-01-04Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Drive RTS only for BCM43438Stefan Wahren
2020-01-04Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add device-tree compatible for BCM4329Dmitry Osipenko
2019-11-27Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Support pcm params in dtsAbhishek Pandit-Subedi
2019-11-27Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Disallow set_baudrate for BCM4354Abhishek Pandit-Subedi
2019-11-21Bluetooth: btbcm: Add entry for BCM4335A0 UART bluetoothMohammad Rasim
2019-10-26Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add compatible string for BCM43540Abhishek Pandit-Subedi
2019-10-21Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Fix RTS handling during startupStefan Wahren
2019-09-05bluetooth: hci_bcm: Give more time to come out of resetOndrej Jirman
2019-09-05bluetooth: bcm: Add support for loading firmware for BCM4345C5Ondrej Jirman
2019-09-05Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Fix -Wunused-const-variable warningsYueHaibing
2019-07-31Bluetooth: hci_uart: check for missing tty operationsVladis Dronov
2019-05-30treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 156Thomas Gleixner
2019-04-23Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Fix empty regulator supplies for Intel MacsChen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Handle specific unknown packets after firmware loadingJonathan Bakker
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add compatible string for BCM4330Chen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add BCM20702A1 variantMaxime Ripard
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Wait for device to come out of reset after power onChen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add support for regulator suppliesChen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add support for LPO clockChen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Use "txco" and "extclk" to get clock referenceChen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Simplify clk_get error handlingChen-Yu Tsai
2018-12-19Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Handle deferred probing for the clock supplyChen-Yu Tsai
2018-05-30Bluetooth: hci_serdev: Move serdev_device_close/open into common hci_serdev codeHans de Goede
2018-05-18Bluetooth: btbcm: Allow using btbcm_initialize() for reinitHans de Goede
2018-05-18Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Remove irq-active-low DMI quirk for the Thinkpad 8Hans de Goede
2018-05-18Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add broken-irq dmi blacklist and add Meegopad T08 to itHans de Goede