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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-23Bluetooth: btmtksdio: enable bluetooth wakeup in system suspendZhengping Jiang
2023-10-23Bluetooth: btusb: Add 0bda:b85b for Fn-Link RTL8852BEGuan Wentao
2023-10-23Bluetooth: hci_bcm4377: Mark bcm4378/bcm4387 as BROKEN_LE_CODEDJanne Grunau
2023-10-23Bluetooth: btusb: Add date->evt_skb is NULL checkyouwan Wang
2023-10-23Bluetooth: btusb: Add RTW8852BE device 13d3:3570 to device tablesMasum Reza
2023-10-23Bluetooth: qca: add support for QCA2066Tim Jiang
2023-10-23Bluetooth: Add support for Intel Misty Peak - 8087:0038Vijay Satija
2023-10-23Bluetooth: Add support ITTIM PE50-M75CJingyang Wang
2023-10-13Bluetooth: btrtl: Ignore error return for hci_devcd_register()Max Chou
2023-10-11Bluetooth: vhci: Fix race when opening vhci deviceArkadiusz Bokowy
2023-09-20Bluetooth: btusb: add shutdown function for QCA6174Rocky Liao
2023-09-01Merge tag 'tty-6.6-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2023-08-24Bluetooth: btusb: Do not call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()Jinjie Ruan
2023-08-24Bluetooth: btusb: Fix quirks table namingBastien Nocera
2023-08-24Bluetooth: HCI: Introduce HCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_LE_CODEDLuiz Augusto von Dentz
2023-08-24Bluetooth: btintel: Send new command for PPAGLokendra Singh
2023-08-24Bluetooth: qca: add support for WCN7850Neil Armstrong
2023-08-24Bluetooth: qca: use switch case for soc type behaviorNeil Armstrong
2023-08-24Bluetooth: btnxpuart: Improve inband Independent Reset handlingNeeraj Sanjay Kale
2023-08-24Bluetooth: btnxpuart: Add support for IW624 chipsetNeeraj Sanjay Kale
2023-08-24Bluetooth: btnxpuart: Remove check for CTS low after FW downloadNeeraj Sanjay Kale
2023-08-11tty: ldops: unify to u8Jiri Slaby (SUSE)
2023-08-11tty: use u8 for flagsJiri Slaby (SUSE)
2023-08-11tty: make tty_ldisc_ops::*buf*() hooks operate on size_tJiri Slaby (SUSE)
2023-08-11tty: remove dummy tty_ldisc_ops::poll() implementationsJiri Slaby (SUSE)
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btrtl: Load FW v2 otherwise FW v1 for RTL8852CMax Chou
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Move btusb_recv_event_intel to btintelLuiz Augusto von Dentz
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btqca: Add WCN3988 supportLuca Weiss
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btnxpuart: Add support for AW693 chipsetNeeraj Sanjay Kale
2023-08-11Bluetooth: nokia: fix value check in nokia_bluetooth_serdev_probe()Yuanjun Gong
2023-08-11bluetooth: Explicitly include correct DT includesRob Herring
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btbcm: add default address for BCM43430A1Mans Rullgard
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btmtk: Fix kernel crash when processing coredumpChris Lu
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Add support for another MediaTek 7922 VID/PIDRoger Gammans
2023-08-11Bluetooth: hci_ldisc: check HCI_UART_PROTO_READY flag in HCIUARTGETPROTOLee, Chun-Yi
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Add new VID/PID 04ca/3804 for MT7922Chris Lu
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Add new VID/PID 0489/e102 for MT7922Chris Lu
2023-08-11Bluetooth: Add support for Gale Peak (8087:0036)Kiran K
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Add a new VID/PID 0489/e0f6 for MT7922Chris Lu
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Add device 0489:e0f5 as MT7922 deviceValentin David
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: mediatek: add MediaTek devcoredump supportJing Cai
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btmtk: introduce btmtk reset workJing Cai
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: mediatek: readx_poll_timeout replaces open codingSean Wang
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btmtk: add printing firmware informationChris Lu
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btintel: Add support for Gale PeakKiran K
2023-08-11Bluetooth: msft: Extended monitor tracking by address filterHilda Wu
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btusb: Add support Mediatek MT7925Peter Tsao
2023-08-11Bluetooth: btintel: Add support to reset bluetooth via ACPI DSMKiran K
2023-08-11Bluetooth: hci_qca: Add qcom devcoredump supportSai Teja Aluvala
2023-08-11Bluetooth: hci_qca: Add qcom devcoredump sysfs supportSai Teja Aluvala