AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07nvme: don't disable local ints for polled queuemq-mapsJens Axboe
2018-11-06nvme: add separate poll queue mapJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: add REQ_HIPRI and inherit it from IOCB_HIPRIJens Axboe
2018-11-06nvme: utilize two queue maps, one for reads and one for writesJens Axboe
2018-11-06irq: add support for allocating (and affinitizing) sets of IRQsJens Axboe
2018-11-06irq: pass first vector to __irq_build_affinity_masksMing Lei
2018-11-06irq: move 2-stage irq spread into one helperMing Lei
2018-11-06blk-mq: initial support for multiple queue mapsJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: improve plug list sortingJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: cleanup and improve list insertionJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: cache request hardware queue mappingJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: separate number of hardware queues from nr_cpu_idsJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: support multiple hctx mapsJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: add 'type' attribute to the sysfs hctx directoryJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: allow software queue to map to multiple hardware queuesJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: pass in request/bio flags to queue mappingJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: provide dummy blk_mq_map_queue_type() helperJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: abstract out queue mapJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-mq: kill q->mq_mapJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: kill request ->cpu membermq-conversionsJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: get rid of q->softirq_done_fn()Jens Axboe
2018-11-06block: get rid of blk_queued_rq()Jens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-merge: kill dead queue lock held checkJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove req_no_special_merge() from merging codeJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: kill request slab cacheJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove request_list codeJens Axboe
2018-11-06bsg: move bsg-lib parts outside of request queueJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: kill legacy parts of timeout handlingJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove __blk_put_request()Jens Axboe
2018-11-06block: get rid of MQ scheduler ops unionJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove dead elevator codeJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove legacy IO schedulersJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: cleanup kick/queued handlingJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove non mq parts from the flush codeJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove legacy rq taggingJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-cgroup: remove legacy queue bypassingJens Axboe
2018-11-06blk-wbt: kill check for legacy queue typeJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove blk_complete_request()Jens Axboe
2018-11-06bsg: convert to use blk-mqJens Axboe
2018-11-06bsg: provide bsg_remove_queue() helperJens Axboe
2018-11-06bsg: pass in desired timeout handlerJens Axboe
2018-11-06dasd: remove dead codeJens Axboe
2018-11-06block: remove q->lld_busy_fn()Jens Axboe
2018-11-06scsi: kill off the legacy IO pathJens Axboe
2018-11-06scsi: provide mq_ops->busy() hookJens Axboe
2018-11-03blk-mq: provide mq_ops->busy() hookJens Axboe
2018-11-03blk-mq: remove legacy check in queue blk_freeze_queue()Jens Axboe
2018-11-03blk-mq: remove the request_list usageJens Axboe
2018-11-03ide: convert to blk-mqJens Axboe
2018-11-03mspro_block: convert to blk-mqJens Axboe