AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-27io_uring: return hint on whether more data is available after receiveio_uring-flags2Jens Axboe
2022-04-27net: pass back data left in socket after receiveJens Axboe
2022-04-27io_uring: add POLL_FIRST support for send/sendmsg and recv/recvmsgJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: check IOPOLL/ioprio support upfrontJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: check reserved fields for recv/recvmsgJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: check reserved fields for send/sendmsgJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: replace smp_mb() with smp_mb__after_atomic() in io_sq_thread()Almog Khaikin
2022-04-26io_uring: add IORING_SETUP_TASKRUN_FLAGJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: use TWA_SIGNAL_NO_IPI if IORING_SETUP_COOP_TASKRUN is usedJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: set task_work notify method at init timeJens Axboe
2022-04-26io-wq: use __set_notify_signal() to wake workersJens Axboe
2022-04-26io_uring: serialize ctx->rings->sq_flags with atomic_or/andJens Axboe
2022-04-26task_work: allow TWA_SIGNAL without a rescheduling IPIJens Axboe
2022-04-25io_uring: fix compile warning for 32-bit buildsJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: return an error when cqe is droppedDylan Yudaken
2022-04-24io_uring: use constants for cq_overflow bitfieldDylan Yudaken
2022-04-24io_uring: rework io_uring_enter to simplify return valueDylan Yudaken
2022-04-24io_uring: trace cqe overflowsDylan Yudaken
2022-04-24io_uring: add trace support for CQE overflowDylan Yudaken
2022-04-24io_uring: allow re-poll if we made progressJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: support MSG_WAITALL for IORING_OP_SEND(MSG)Jens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: add support for IORING_ASYNC_CANCEL_ANYJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: allow IORING_OP_ASYNC_CANCEL with 'fd' keyJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: add support for IORING_ASYNC_CANCEL_ALLJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: pass in struct io_cancel_data consistentlyJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: remove dead 'poll_only' argument to io_poll_cancel()Jens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: refactor io_disarm_next() lockingPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: move timeout locking in io_timeout_cancel()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: store SCM state in io_fixed_file->file_ptrJens Axboe
2022-04-24io_uring: kill ctx arg from io_req_put_rsrcPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: add a helper for putting rsrc nodesPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: store rsrc node in req instead of refsPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: refactor io_assign_file error pathPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: use right helpers for file assign lockingPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: add data_race annotationsPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: inline io_req_complete_fail_submit()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: refactor io_submit_sqe()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: refactor lazy link failPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: introduce IO_REQ_LINK_FLAGSPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: refactor io_queue_sqe()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: rename io_queue_async_work()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: inline io_queue_sqe()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: helper for prep+queuing linked timeoutsPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: inline io_free_req()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: kill io_put_req_deferred()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: minor refactoring for some tw handlersPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: clean poll tw PF_EXITING handlingPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: optimise io_get_cqe()Pavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: optimise submission left countingPavel Begunkov
2022-04-24io_uring: optimise submission loop invariantPavel Begunkov