AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-27bcache: configure the asynchronous registertion to be experimentalfor-5.8/drivers-2020-06-01for-5.8/driversColy Li
2020-05-27bcache: asynchronous devices registrationColy Li
2020-05-27bcache: fix refcount underflow in bcache_device_free()Coly Li
2020-05-27bcache: Convert pr_<level> uses to a more typical styleJoe Perches
2020-05-27bcache: remove redundant variables i and nColin Ian King
2020-05-27Merge branch 'nvme-5.8' of git:// into for-5.8/driversJens Axboe
2020-05-27lpfc: Fix return value in __lpfc_nvme_ls_abortJames Smart
2020-05-27lpfc: fix axchg pointer reference after free and double freesJames Smart
2020-05-27lpfc: Fix pointer checks and comments in LS receive refactoringJames Smart
2020-05-27nvme: set dma alignment to qwordKeith Busch
2020-05-27nvmet: cleanups the loop in nvmet_async_events_processDavid Milburn
2020-05-27nvmet: fix memory leak when removing namespaces and controllers concurrentlySagi Grimberg
2020-05-27nvmet-rdma: add metadata/T10-PI supportIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvmet: add metadata support for block devicesIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvmet: add metadata/T10-PI supportIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvme: add Metadata Capabilities enumerationsIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvmet: rename nvmet_check_data_len to nvmet_check_transfer_lenIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvmet: rename nvmet_rw_len to nvmet_rw_data_lenIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvmet: add metadata characteristics for a namespaceIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvme-rdma: add metadata/T10-PI supportMax Gurtovoy
2020-05-27nvme-rdma: introduce nvme_rdma_sgl structureIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvme: introduce NVME_INLINE_METADATA_SG_CNTIsrael Rukshin
2020-05-27nvme: enforce extended LBA format for fabrics metadataMax Gurtovoy
2020-05-27nvme: introduce max_integrity_segments ctrl attributeMax Gurtovoy
2020-05-27nvme: make nvme_ns_has_pi accessible to transportsJames Smart
2020-05-27nvme: introduce NVME_NS_METADATA_SUPPORTED flagMax Gurtovoy
2020-05-27nvme: introduce namespace features flagMax Gurtovoy
2020-05-27block: always define struct blk_integrity in genhd.hMax Gurtovoy
2020-05-27nvmet: revalidate-ns & generate AEN from configfsChaitanya Kulkarni
2020-05-27nvmet: generate AEN for ns revalidate size changeChaitanya Kulkarni
2020-05-27nvmet: add helper to revalidate bdev and file nsChaitanya Kulkarni
2020-05-27nvmet: add async event tracing supportChaitanya Kulkarni
2020-05-27nvme: delete an unnecessary declarationDan Carpenter
2020-05-27nvme: replace zero-length array with flexible-arrayGustavo A. R. Silva
2020-05-27nvme: fix io_opt limit settingDamien Le Moal
2020-05-27nvme: disable streams when get stream params failedWu Bo
2020-05-27nvme-fc: print proper nvme-fc devloss_tmo valueMartin George
2020-05-27nvme-pci: make sure write/poll_queues less or equal then cpu countWeiping Zhang
2020-05-27nvmet-tcp: move send/recv error handling in the send/recv methods instead of ...Sagi Grimberg
2020-05-27nvmet-tcp: set MSG_EOR if we send last payload in the batchSagi Grimberg
2020-05-27nvmet-tcp: set MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST with MSG_MORE when we have more to sendSagi Grimberg
2020-05-27nvme-tcp: set MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST with MSG_MORE when we have more to sendSagi Grimberg
2020-05-27nvmet: mark nvmet_ana_state staticChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-27nvmet: replace kstrndup() with kmemdup_nul()Chen Zhou
2020-05-26block/floppy: fix contended case in floppy_queue_rq()Jiri Kosina
2020-05-24loop: remove redundant assignment to variable errorColin Ian King
2020-05-21block: remove ioctl_by_bdevChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-21s390/dasd: remove ioctl_by_bdev callsStefan Haberland
2020-05-21dasd: refactor dasd_ioctl_informationChristoph Hellwig
2020-05-21loop: Add LOOP_CONFIGURE ioctlMartijn Coenen