AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-27io_uring: notification completion optimisationfor-5.20/io_uring-zerocopy-send-2022-07-29for-5.20/io_uring-zerocopy-sendPavel Begunkov
2022-07-27io_uring: export req alloc from corePavel Begunkov
2022-07-25io_uring/net: use unsigned for flagsPavel Begunkov
2022-07-25io_uring/net: make page accounting more consistentPavel Begunkov
2022-07-25io_uring/net: checks errors of zc mem accountingPavel Begunkov
2022-07-25io_uring/net: improve io_get_notif_slot typesPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24selftests/io_uring: test zerocopy sendPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: enable managed frags with register buffersPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: add zc notification flush requestsPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: rename IORING_OP_FILES_UPDATEPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: flush notifiers after sendzcPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: sendzc with fixed buffersPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: allow to pass addr into sendzcPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: account locked pages for non-fixed zcPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: wire send zc request typePavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: add notification slot registrationPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: add rsrc referencing for notifiersPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: complete notifiers in twPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: cache struct io_notifPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: add zc notification infrastructurePavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: export io_put_task()Pavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: initialise msghdr::msg_ubufPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24Merge branch 'for-5.20/io_uring' into for-5.20/io_uring-zerocopy-sendJens Axboe
2022-07-24Merge branch 'io_uring-zerocopy-send' of git:// Axboe
2022-07-24io_uring: ensure REQ_F_ISREG is set async offloadfor-5.20/io_uring-2022-07-29for-5.20/io_uringJens Axboe
2022-07-24net: fix compat pointer in get_compat_msghdr()Jens Axboe
2022-07-24io_uring: Don't require reinitable percpu_refMichal Koutný
2022-07-24io_uring: fix types in io_recvmsg_multishot_overflowDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: Use atomic_long_try_cmpxchg in __io_account_memUros Bizjak
2022-07-24io_uring: support multishot in recvmsgDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24net: copy from user before calling __get_compat_msghdrDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24net: copy from user before calling __copy_msghdrDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: support 0 length iov in buffer select in compatDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: fix multishot ending when not polledDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: add netmsg cacheJens Axboe
2022-07-24io_uring: impose max limit on apoll cacheJens Axboe
2022-07-24io_uring: add abstraction around apoll cacheJens Axboe
2022-07-24io_uring: move apoll cache to poll.cJens Axboe
2022-07-24io_uring: consolidate hash_locked io-wq handlingPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: clear REQ_F_HASH_LOCKED on hash removalPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: don't race double poll setting REQ_F_ASYNC_DATAPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: don't miss setting REQ_F_DOUBLE_POLLPavel Begunkov
2022-07-24io_uring: disable multishot recvmsgDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: only trace one of complete or overflowDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: fix io_uring_cqe_overflow trace formatDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: multishot recvDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: fix multishot accept orderingDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: fix multishot poll on overflowDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: add allow_overflow to io_post_aux_cqeDylan Yudaken
2022-07-24io_uring: add IOU_STOP_MULTISHOT return codeDylan Yudaken