AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-28bcache: remove EXPERIMENTAL for Kconfig option 'Asynchronous device registrat...for-5.20/drivers-2022-07-29for-5.20/driversColy Li
2022-07-25nbd: add missing definition of pr_fmtYu Kuai
2022-07-15null_blk: fix ida error handling in null_add_dev()Dan Carpenter
2022-07-15null_blk: cleanup null_init_tag_setMing Lei
2022-07-14Merge tag 'nvme-5.20-2022-07-14' of git:// into for-5.2...Jens Axboe
2022-07-12nvme-multipath: refactor nvme_mpath_add_diskJoel Granados
2022-07-12nvme-apple: use nvme core helper to cancel requests in tagsetGuixin Liu
2022-07-12nvme-pci: use nvme core helper to cancel requests in tagsetGuixin Liu
2022-07-12nvme-tcp: use in-capsule data for I/O connectCaleb Sander
2022-07-12nvme-rdma: remove timeout for getting RDMA-CM established eventIsrael Rukshin
2022-07-12null_blk: add configfs variables for 2 optionsVincent Fu
2022-07-12null_blk: add module parameters for 4 optionsVincent Fu
2022-07-07block/rnbd-srv: Replace sess_dev_list with index_idrMd Haris Iqbal
2022-07-07block/rnbd-srv: Set keep_id to true after mutex_trylockMd Haris Iqbal
2022-07-06nvmet-auth: expire authentication sessionsHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvmet-auth: Diffie-Hellman key exchange supportHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvmet: implement basic In-Band AuthenticationHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvmet: parse fabrics commands on io queuesHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvme-auth: Diffie-Hellman key exchange supportHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvme: implement In-Band authenticationHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvme-fabrics: decode 'authentication required' connect errorHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvme: add definitions for NVMe In-Band authenticationHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06lib/base64: RFC4648-compliant base64 encodingHannes Reinecke
2022-07-06crypto: add crypto_has_kpp()Hannes Reinecke
2022-07-06crypto: add crypto_has_shash()Hannes Reinecke
2022-07-06nvme-loop: use nvme core helpers to cancel all requests in a tagsetSagi Grimberg
2022-07-06nvme: fix qid param blk_mq_alloc_request_hctxChaitanya Kulkarni
2022-07-06nvme: remove unused timeout parameterChaitanya Kulkarni
2022-07-06nvme: handle the persistent internal error AERMichael Kelley
2022-07-06nvme: remove a double word in a commentXiang wangx
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: make rnbd_clt_change_capacity return voidGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: pass sector_t type for resize capacityGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: check capacity inside rnbd_clt_change_capacityGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: adjust the layout of struct rnbd_clt_devGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: reduce the size of struct rnbd_clt_devGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: kill read_only from struct rnbd_clt_devGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: don't free rsp in msg_open_conf for map scenarioGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-06rnbd-clt: open code send_msg_open in rnbd_clt_map_deviceGuoqing Jiang
2022-07-03block: null_blk: Use the bitmap API to allocate bitmapsChristophe JAILLET
2022-07-03Merge branch 'md-next' of Axboe
2022-07-03md: Fix spelling mistake in commentsZhang Jiaming
2022-07-03md/raid5: Increase restriction on max segments per requestLogan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Improve debug printsLogan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Pivot raid5_make_request()Logan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Check all disks in a stripe_head for reshape progressLogan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Refactor add_stripe_bio()Logan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Keep a reference to last stripe_head for batchLogan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Refactor for loop in raid5_make_request() into while loopLogan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Move read_seqcount_begin() into make_stripe_request()Logan Gunthorpe
2022-07-03md/raid5: Drop the do_prepare flag in raid5_make_request()Logan Gunthorpe