AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-02block: null_blk: Fix null_zone_write()for-5.19/drivers-2022-06-02for-5.19/driversDamien Le Moal
2022-06-02Merge tag 'nvme-5.19-2022-06-02' of git:// into for-5.1...Jens Axboe
2022-05-31nvmet: fix typo in commentJulia Lawall
2022-05-31nvme: set controller enable bit in a separate writeNiklas Cassel
2022-05-31nvme-pci: disable namespace identifiers for the MAXIO MAP1001Christoph Hellwig
2022-05-28bcache: avoid unnecessary soft lockup in kworker update_writeback_rate()Coly Li
2022-05-27nbd: use pr_err to output error messageYu Kuai
2022-05-27nbd: fix possible overflow on 'first_minor' in nbd_dev_add()Zhang Wensheng
2022-05-27nbd: fix io hung while disconnecting deviceYu Kuai
2022-05-27nbd: don't clear 'NBD_CMD_INFLIGHT' flag if request is not completedYu Kuai
2022-05-27nbd: fix race between nbd_alloc_config() and module removalYu Kuai
2022-05-27nbd: call genl_unregister_family() first in nbd_cleanup()Yu Kuai
2022-05-27md: bcache: check the return value of kzalloc() in detached_dev_do_request()Jia-Ju Bai
2022-05-27bcache: memset on stack variables in bch_btree_check() and bch_sectors_dirty_...Coly Li
2022-05-27block, loop: support partitions without scanningChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-24bcache: avoid journal no-space deadlock by reserving 1 journal bucketColy Li
2022-05-24bcache: remove incremental dirty sector counting for bch_sectors_dirty_init()Coly Li
2022-05-24bcache: improve multithreaded bch_sectors_dirty_init()Coly Li
2022-05-24bcache: improve multithreaded bch_btree_check()Coly Li
2022-05-23Merge branch 'md-next' of Axboe
2022-05-22md: fix double free of io_acct_set biosetXiao Ni
2022-05-22md: Don't set mddev private to NULL in raid0 pers->freeXiao Ni
2022-05-22md: remove most calls to bdevnameChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-22md: protect md_unregister_thread from reentrancyGuoqing Jiang
2022-05-22md: don't unregister sync_thread with reconfig_mutex heldGuoqing Jiang
2022-05-21mtip32xx: fix typo in commentfor-5.19/drivers-2022-05-22Julia Lawall
2022-05-20Merge tag 'nvme-5.19-2022-05-19' of git:// into for-5.1...Jens Axboe
2022-05-19nvme: set non-mdts limits in nvme_scan_workChaitanya Kulkarni
2022-05-18nvme: add support for TP4084 - Time-to-Ready EnhancementsChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-18Merge tag 'nvme-5.19-2022-05-18' of git:// into for-5.1...Jens Axboe
2022-05-17nvme: split the enum used for various register constantsChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-16nbd: Fix hung on disconnect request if socket is closed beforeXie Yongji
2022-05-16nvme-fabrics: add a request timeout helperChaitanya Kulkarni
2022-05-16nvme-pci: harden drive presence detect in nvme_dev_disable()Stefan Roese
2022-05-16nvme-pci: fix a NULL pointer dereference in nvme_alloc_admin_tagsSmith, Kyle Miller (Nimble Kernel)
2022-05-16nvme: mark internal passthru request RQF_QUIETChaitanya Kulkarni
2022-05-16nvme: remove unneeded include from constants fileMax Gurtovoy
2022-05-16nvme: add missing status values to verbose loggingMax Gurtovoy
2022-05-16nvme: set dma alignment to dwordKeith Busch
2022-05-16nvme: fix interpretation of DMRSLTom Yan
2022-05-10loop: remove most the top-of-file boilerplate comment from the UAPI headerChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-10loop: remove most the top-of-file boilerplate commentChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-10loop: add a SPDX headerChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-10loop: remove loop.hChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-04block: null_blk: Improve device creation with configfsDamien Le Moal
2022-05-04block: null_blk: Cleanup messagesDamien Le Moal
2022-05-04block: null_blk: Cleanup device creation and deletionDamien Le Moal
2022-05-04block: null_blk: Fix code style issuesDamien Le Moal
2022-05-04xen-blkback: use bdev_discard_alignmentChristoph Hellwig
2022-05-03rnbd-srv: use bdev_discard_alignmentChristoph Hellwig