AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-30pktcdvd: stop using bio_resetfor-5.18/alloc-cleanupsChristoph Hellwig
2022-03-30block: turn bio_kmalloc into a simple kmalloc wrapperChristoph Hellwig
2022-03-30target/pscsi: remove pscsi_get_bioChristoph Hellwig
2022-03-30squashfs: always use bio_kmalloc in squashfs_bio_readChristoph Hellwig
2022-03-30btrfs: simplify ->flush_bio handlingChristoph Hellwig
2022-03-23fs: do not pass __GFP_HIGHMEM to bio_alloc in do_mpage_readpagefor-5.18/alloc-cleanups-2022-03-25Christoph Hellwig
2022-03-08f2fs: pass the bio operation to bio_alloc_biosetfor-5.18/alloc-cleanups-2022-03-18Christoph Hellwig
2022-03-08f2fs: don't pass a bio to f2fs_target_deviceChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-27nilfs2: pass the operation to bio_allocChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-27ext4: pass the operation to bio_allocChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-27mpage: pass the operation to bio_allocChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-27block: default BLOCK_LEGACY_AUTOLOAD to yChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-22block: update io_ticks when io hangZhang Wensheng
2022-02-18block, bfq: don't move oom_bfqqYu Kuai
2022-02-18block, bfq: avoid moving bfqq to it's parent bfqgYu Kuai
2022-02-18block, bfq: cleanup bfq_bfqq_to_bfqg()Yu Kuai
2022-02-16block/bfq_wf2q: correct weight to ioprioYahu Gao
2022-02-16blk-mq: avoid extending delays of active hctx from blk_mq_delay_run_hw_queuesDavid Jeffery
2022-02-16virtio_blk: simplify refcountingChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16memstick/mspro_block: simplify refcountingChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16memstick/mspro_block: fix handling of read-only devicesChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16memstick/ms_block: simplify refcountingChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16block: add a ->free_disk methodChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16block: revert 4f1e9630afe6 ("blk-throtl: optimize IOPS throttle for large IO ...Ming Lei
2022-02-16block: don't try to throttle split bio if iops limit isn't setMing Lei
2022-02-16block: throttle split bio in case of iops limitMing Lei
2022-02-16block: merge submit_bio_checks() into submit_bio_noacctMing Lei
2022-02-16block: don't check bio in blk_throtl_dispatch_work_fnMing Lei
2022-02-16block: don't declare submit_bio_checks in local headerMing Lei
2022-02-16block: move blk_crypto_bio_prep() out of blk-mq.cMing Lei
2022-02-16block: move submit_bio_checks() into submit_bio_noacctMing Lei
2022-02-16dm: remove dm_dispatch_clone_requestChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16dm: remove useless code from dm_dispatch_clone_requestChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16blk-mq: remove the request_queue argument to blk_insert_cloned_requestChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16blk-mq: fold blk_cloned_rq_check_limits into blk_insert_cloned_requestChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-16blk-mq: make the blk-mq stacking code optionalChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-15blk-cgroup: set blkg iostat after percpu stat aggregationChengming Zhou
2022-02-15blk-lib: don't check bdev_get_queue() NULL checkChaitanya Kulkarni
2022-02-15block: remove biodoc.rstChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-11docs: block: biodoc.rst: Drop the obsolete and incorrect contentBarry Song
2022-02-11block: partition include/linux/blk-cgroup.hMing Lei
2022-02-11block: move initialization of q->blkg_list into blkcg_init_queueMing Lei
2022-02-11block: remove THROTL_IOPS_MAXMing Lei
2022-02-11block: introduce block_rq_error tracepointYang Shi
2022-02-08sbitmap: Delete old sbitmap_queue_get_shallow()John Garry
2022-02-08lib/sbitmap: kill 'depth' from sbitmap_wordMing Lei
2022-02-04block: pass a block_device to bio_clone_fastChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-04block: initialize the target bio in __bio_clone_fastChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-04dm: use bio_clone_fast in alloc_io/alloc_tioChristoph Hellwig
2022-02-04block: clone crypto and integrity data in __bio_clone_fastChristoph Hellwig