AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-29block: fix discard request mergefor-5.14/block-2021-06-29for-5.14/blockMing Lei
2021-06-27block/mq-deadline: Remove a WARN_ON_ONCE() callBart Van Assche
2021-06-25blk-mq: update hctx->dispatch_busy in case of real schedulerMing Lei
2021-06-24blk: Fix lock inversion between ioc lock and bfqd lockJan Kara
2021-06-24bfq: Remove merged request already in bfq_requests_merged()Jan Kara
2021-06-24block: pass a gendisk to bdev_disk_changedChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-24block: move bdev_disk_changedChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-24block: add the events* attributes to disk_attrsChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-24block: move the disk events code to a separate fileChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-24block: fix trace completion for chained bioEdward Hsieh
2021-06-21block/partitions/msdos: Fix typo inidicator -> indicatorThomas Bracht Laumann Jespersen
2021-06-21block, bfq: reset waker pointer with shared queuesPaolo Valente
2021-06-21block, bfq: check waker only for queues with no in-flight I/OPaolo Valente
2021-06-21block, bfq: avoid delayed merge of async queuesPaolo Valente
2021-06-21block, bfq: boost throughput by extending queue-merging timesPietro Pedroni
2021-06-21block, bfq: consider also creation time in delayed stable mergePaolo Valente
2021-06-21block, bfq: fix delayed stable merge checkLuca Mariotti
2021-06-21block, bfq: let also stably merged queues enjoy weight raisingPaolo Valente
2021-06-21blk-wbt: make sure throttle is enabled properlyZhang Yi
2021-06-21blk-wbt: introduce a new disable state to prevent false positive by rwb_enabl...Zhang Yi
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Prioritize high-priority requestsBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Add cgroup supportBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Track I/O statisticsBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Add I/O priority supportBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Micro-optimize the batching algorithmBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Reserve 25% of scheduler tags for synchronous requestsBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Improve the sysfs show and store macrosBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Improve compile-time argument checkingBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Rename dd_init_queue() and dd_exit_queue()Bart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Remove two local variablesBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Add two lockdep_assert_held() statementsBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/mq-deadline: Add several commentsBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block: Introduce the ioprio rq-qos policyBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/blk-rq-qos: Move a function from a header file into a C fileBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/blk-cgroup: Swap the blk_throtl_init() and blk_iolatency_init() callsBart Van Assche
2021-06-21block/Kconfig: Make the BLK_WBT and BLK_WBT_MQ entries consecutiveBart Van Assche
2021-06-18blk-wbt: remove outdated commentlijiazi
2021-06-18blk-mq: fix an IS_ERR() vs NULL bugDan Carpenter
2021-06-18block: Remove unnecessary elevator operation checksDamien Le Moal
2021-06-18blk-mq: fix use-after-free in blk_mq_exit_schedMing Lei
2021-06-16docs/cgroup-v1/blkio: update for 5.x kernelsKir Kolyshkin
2021-06-16docs/cgroup-v1/blkio: stop abusing itemized listKir Kolyshkin
2021-06-16docs: block/bfq: describe per-device weightKir Kolyshkin
2021-06-16block: mark queue init done at the end of blk_register_queueMing Lei
2021-06-16block: fix race between adding/removing rq qos and normal IOMing Lei
2021-06-16loop: fix order of cleaning up the queue and freeing the tagsetChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-16mtd_blkdevs: initialze new->rq in add_mtd_blktrans_devChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-11z2ram: use blk_mq_alloc_disk and blk_cleanup_diskChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-11ataflop: use blk_mq_alloc_disk and blk_cleanup_diskChristoph Hellwig
2021-06-11amiflop: use blk_mq_alloc_disk and blk_cleanup_diskChristoph Hellwig