AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-05fs/block_dev.c: return the right error in thaw_bdev()for-4.9/blockPierre Morel
2016-09-24nvme: Pass pointers, not dma addresses, to nvme_get/set_features()Andy Lutomirski
2016-09-24nvme/scsi: Remove power management supportAndy Lutomirski
2016-09-23nvmet: Make dsm number of ranges zero basedAlexander Solganik
2016-09-23nvmet: Use direct IO for writesSagi Grimberg
2016-09-23admin-cmd: Added smart-log command support.Chaitanya Kulkarni
2016-09-23nvme-fabrics: Add host_traddr options field to host infrastructureJames Smart
2016-09-23nvme-fabrics: revise host transport option descriptionsJames Smart
2016-09-23nvme-fabrics: rework nvmf_get_address() for variable optionsJames Smart
2016-09-23nbd: use BLK_MQ_F_BLOCKINGJosef Bacik
2016-09-23blkcg: Annotate blkg_hint correctlyBart Van Assche
2016-09-23cfq: fix starvation of asynchronous writesGlauber Costa
2016-09-22blk-mq: add flag for drivers wanting blocking ->queue_rq()Jens Axboe
2016-09-22blk-mq: remove non-blocking pass in blk_mq_map_requestChristoph Hellwig
2016-09-22blk-mq: get rid of manual run of queue with __blk_mq_run_hw_queue()Jens Axboe
2016-09-22block: export bio_free_pages to other modulesGuoqing Jiang
2016-09-21lightnvm: propagate device_add() error codeArnd Bergmann
2016-09-21lightnvm: expose device geometry through sysfsSimon A. F. Lund
2016-09-21lightnvm: control life of nvm_dev in driverMatias Bjørling
2016-09-21blk-mq: register device instead of diskMatias Bjørling
2016-09-21null_blk: refactor to support non-gendisk devicesMatias Bjørling
2016-09-21nvme: refactor namespaces to support non-gendisk devicesMatias Bjørling
2016-09-21lightnvm: NVM should depend on HAS_DMAGeert Uytterhoeven
2016-09-19sbitmap: initialize weight to zeroColin Ian King
2016-09-17sbitmap: don't update the allocation hint on clear after resizeOmar Sandoval
2016-09-17sbitmap: re-initialize allocation hints after resizeOmar Sandoval
2016-09-17sbitmap: randomize initial alloc_hint valuesOmar Sandoval
2016-09-17sbitmap: push alloc policy into sbitmap_queueOmar Sandoval
2016-09-17sbitmap: push per-cpu last_tag into sbitmap_queueOmar Sandoval
2016-09-17sbitmap: allocate wait queues on a specific nodeOmar Sandoval
2016-09-17blk-mq: abstract tag allocation out into sbitmap libraryOmar Sandoval
2016-09-16blk-mq: account higher order dispatchJens Axboe
2016-09-14blk-mq: introduce blk_mq_delay_kick_requeue_list()Mike Snitzer
2016-09-14block: remove IOPRIO_BITSChristoph Hellwig
2016-09-14bio.h: remove a very outdated commentChristoph Hellwig
2016-09-14block: remove bio_destructor_tChristoph Hellwig
2016-09-14block: Improve bio_set_op_attrs() robustnessBart Van Assche
2016-09-14block, dm-crypt, btrfs: Introduce bio_flags()Bart Van Assche
2016-09-14block: Document that bio_op() uses the data type of bio.bi_opfBart Van Assche
2016-09-14block: remove remnant refs to hardsectLinus Walleij
2016-09-14block: remove blk_mq_alloc_single_hw_queue() prototypeLinus Walleij
2016-09-14block_dev: remove DAX leftoversChristoph Hellwig
2016-09-14block: enable zeroing of io_poll statisticsStephen Bates
2016-09-14block: add poll_considered statisticStephen Bates
2016-09-08nbd: allow block mq to deal with timeoutsJosef Bacik
2016-09-08nbd: use flags instead of boolJosef Bacik
2016-09-08nbd: don't shutdown sock with irq's disabledJosef Bacik
2016-09-08nbd: convert to blkmqJosef Bacik
2016-08-29mtip32xx: mark symbols static where possibleBaoyou Xie
2016-08-29blk-mq: prefetch request in blk_mq_tag_to_rq()Jens Axboe