AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-02blk-mq: Directly schedule q->timeout_work when aborting a requestfor-4.17/block-20180402for-4.17/blockTejun Heo
2018-03-30blktrace: fix comment in blktrace_api.hSouvik Banerjee
2018-03-29lightnvm: remove function name in stringsMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: remove some unnecessary NULL checksDan Carpenter
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: don't recover unwritten linesHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: implement 2.0 supportJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: implement get log report chunkJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: rename ppaf* to addrf*Javier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: check for supported versionJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: implement get log report chunk helpersJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: make address conversions depend on generic deviceJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: add support for 2.0 address formatJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: normalize geometry nomenclatureJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: complete geo structure with maxoc*Javier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: add shorten OCSSD version in geoJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: add minor version to generic geometryJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: simplify geometry structureJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: refactor init/exit sequencesJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: Avoid validation of default op valueHeiner Litz
2018-03-29lightnvm: centralize permission check for lightnvm ioctlJohannes Thumshirn
2018-03-29lightnvm: fix bad block initializationHeiner Litz
2018-03-29nvme: lightnvm: add late setup of block size and metadataMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: remove nvm_dev_ops->max_phys_sectMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: remove max_rq_sizeMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: add 2.0 geometry identificationMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: flatten nvm_id_group into nvm_idMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: make 1.2 data structures explicitMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: refactor bad block identificationJavier González
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: prevent race in pblk_rb_flush_point_setHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: allow allocation of new lines during shutdownHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: delete writer kick timer before stopping threadHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: add padding distribution sysfs attributeHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: remove multiple groups in 1.2 data structureMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: remove mlc pairs structureMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: export write amplification counters to sysfsHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: check data lines version on recoveryHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: pblk: handle bad sectors in the emeta area correctlyHans Holmberg
2018-03-29lightnvm: remove chnl_offset in nvme_nvm_identityMatias Bjørling
2018-03-29lightnvm/pblk-gc: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in p...Markus Elfring
2018-03-27blk-mq: Allow PCI vector offset for mapping queuesKeith Busch
2018-03-27loop: use killable lock in ioctlsOmar Sandoval
2018-03-27loop: don't call into filesystem while holding lo_ctl_mutexOmar Sandoval
2018-03-26block, bfq: lower-bound the estimated peak rate to 1Paolo Valente
2018-03-26nvme: make nvme_get_log_ext non-staticMatias Bjørling
2018-03-26nvmet: constify struct nvmet_fabrics_opsChristoph Hellwig
2018-03-26nvmet: refactor configfs transport type handlingChristoph Hellwig
2018-03-26nvmet: move device_uuid configfs attr definition to suitable placeMax Gurtovoy
2018-03-26nvme: Add .stop_ctrl to nvme ctrl opsNitzan Carmi
2018-03-26nvme-rdma: Allow DELETING state change failure in error_recoveryNitzan Carmi
2018-03-26nvme: Skip checking heads without namespacesKeith Busch