AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-11nvme: fix visibility of "uuid" ns attributefor-4.15/blockMartin Wilck
2017-11-10blk-mq: fixup some comment typos and lengthsJens Axboe
2017-11-10ide: ide-atapi: fix compile error with defining macro DEBUGHongxu Jia
2017-11-10blk-mq: improve tag waiting setup for non-shared tagsJens Axboe
2017-11-10brd: remove unused brd_mutexMikulas Patocka
2017-11-10blk-mq: only run the hardware queue if IO is pendingJens Axboe
2017-11-10block: avoid null pointer dereference on null diskColin Ian King
2017-11-10fs: guard_bio_eod() needs to consider partitionsGreg Edwards
2017-11-10xtensa/simdisk: fix compile errorChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvme: expose subsys attribute to sysfsHannes Reinecke
2017-11-10nvme: create 'slaves' and 'holders' entries for hidden controllersHannes Reinecke
2017-11-10block: create 'slaves' and 'holders' entries for hidden gendisksHannes Reinecke
2017-11-10nvme: also expose the namespace identification sysfs files for mpath nodesChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvme: implement multipath access to nvme subsystemsChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvme: track shared namespacesChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvme: introduce a nvme_ns_ids structureChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvme: track subsystemsChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10block, nvme: Introduce blk_mq_req_flags_tBart Van Assche
2017-11-10block, scsi: Make SCSI quiesce and resume work reliablyBart Van Assche
2017-11-10block: Add the QUEUE_FLAG_PREEMPT_ONLY request queue flagBart Van Assche
2017-11-10ide, scsi: Tell the block layer at request allocation time about preempt requ...Bart Van Assche
2017-11-10block: Introduce BLK_MQ_REQ_PREEMPTBart Van Assche
2017-11-10block: Introduce blk_get_request_flags()Bart Van Assche
2017-11-10block: Make q_usage_counter also track legacy requestsMing Lei
2017-11-10blk-mq: fix issue with shared tag queue re-runningJens Axboe
2017-11-10nvmet: kill nvmet_inline_bio_initChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvmet: better data length validationChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10nvme-pci: avoid dereference of symbol from unloaded moduleMing Lei
2017-11-10nvme: send uevent for some asynchronous eventsKeith Busch
2017-11-10nvme: unexport starting async event workKeith Busch
2017-11-10nvme: remove handling of multiple AEN requestsKeith Busch
2017-11-10nvme-fc: remove unused "queue_size" fieldKeith Busch
2017-11-10nvme: centralize AEN definesKeith Busch
2017-11-10nvmet: remove redundant local variableSagi Grimberg
2017-11-10nvmet: remove redundant memset if failed to get_smart_log failedSagi Grimberg
2017-11-10blk-mq: Avoid that request queue removal can trigger list corruptionBart Van Assche
2017-11-10nvme: fix eui_show() print formatJavier González
2017-11-10nvme: compare NQN string with right sizeJavier González
2017-11-10blk-mq: put driver tag if dispatch budget can't be gotMing Lei
2017-11-10block: pass full fmode_t to blk_verify_commandChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10block: remove __bio_kmap_atomicChristoph Hellwig
2017-11-10block: kill bio_kmap/kunmap_irq()Jens Axboe
2017-11-10Revert "blk-mq: don't handle TAG_SHARED in restart"Jens Axboe
2017-11-10kthread: zero the kthread data structureShaohua Li
2017-11-10nvmet: fix comment typos in admin-cmd.cMinwoo Im
2017-11-10nvme-rdma: fix nvme_rdma_create_queue_ib error flowMax Gurtovoy
2017-11-10nvmet-rdma: update queue list during ib_device removalIsrael Rukshin
2017-11-10lpfc: tie in to new dev_loss_tmo interface in nvme transportJames Smart
2017-11-10nvme-fc: decouple ns references from lldd referencesJames Smart
2017-11-10nvme-fc: fix localport resume using stale valuesJames Smart