AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-27Merge branch 'nvme-4.12' of git:// into for-4.12/post-m...for-4.12/post-mergeJens Axboe
2017-04-27nvme-scsi: remove nvme_trans_security_protocolChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-25nvme-lightnvm: add missing endianess conversion in nvme_nvm_end_ioChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-25nvme-scsi: Consider LBA format in IO splitting calculationJon Derrick
2017-04-25nvme-fc: avoid memory corruption caused by calling nvmf_free_options() twiceEwan D. Milne
2017-04-25lpfc: Fix memory corruption of the lpfc_ncmd->list pointersJames Smart
2017-04-24nvme: Add nvme_core.force_apst to ignore the NO_APST quirkAndy Lutomirski
2017-04-24nvme: Display raw APST configuration via DYNAMIC_DEBUGAndy Lutomirski
2017-04-24nvme: Fix APST commentAndy Lutomirski
2017-04-24Merge branch 'master' into for-4.12/post-mergeJens Axboe
2017-04-24Merge tag 'scsi-fixes' of git:// Torvalds
2017-04-24Merge branch 'upstream' of git:// Torvalds
2017-04-24lpfc revison Smart
2017-04-24Fix Express lane queue creation.James Smart
2017-04-24Update ABORT processing for NVMET.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix implicit logo and RSCN handling for NVMETJames Smart
2017-04-24Add Fabric assigned WWN support.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix max_sgl_segments settings for NVME / NVMETJames Smart
2017-04-24Fix crash after issuing lip resetJames Smart
2017-04-24Fix driver load issues when MRQ=8James Smart
2017-04-24Remove hba lock from NVMET issue WQE.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix nvme initiator handling when not enabled.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix driver usage of 128B WQEs when WQ_CREATE is V1.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix driver unload/reload operation.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix PRLI ACC rsp for NVMEJames Smart
2017-04-24Fix extra line print in rqpair debug print.James Smart
2017-04-24Remove NULL ptr check before kfree.James Smart
2017-04-24Remove unused defines for NVME PostBuf.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix spelling in comments.James Smart
2017-04-24Add debug messages for nvme/fcp resource allocation.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix log message in completion path.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix rejected nvme LS Req.James Smart
2017-04-24Fix nvme unregister port timeout.James Smart
2017-04-24Standardize nvme SGL segment countJames Smart
2017-04-24nvmet-fcloop: mark two symbols staticChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-24nvmet-fc: properly endian swap sq_headChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-24nvmet-fc: mark the sqhd field as __le16Christoph Hellwig
2017-04-24nvmet-fc: fix endianess annoations for nvmet_fc_format_rsp_hdrChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-24nvmet-fc: mark nvmet_fc_handle_fcp_rqst staticChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-24nvme-fc: mark two symbols staticChristoph Hellwig
2017-04-24nvme_fc: add controller reset supportJames Smart
2017-04-24nvme_fc: add aen abort to teardownJames Smart
2017-04-24nvme_fc: fix command id checkJames Smart
2017-04-23Linux 4.11-rc8v4.11-rc8Linus Torvalds
2017-04-23Merge tag 'upstream-4.11-rc7' of git:// Torvalds
2017-04-23lightnvm: pblk: fix erase counters on error failJavier González
2017-04-23lightnvm: pblk: free metadata on line alloc failureJavier González
2017-04-23lightnvm: pblk: fix memory leak on error pathJavier González
2017-04-23lightnvm: pblk: fix bad error checkJavier González
2017-04-23lightnvm: pblk: fix race condition on line retryJavier González