AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-05Merge branch 'for-jens' of into for...for-3.17/driversJens Axboe
2014-08-04bcache: Drop unneeded blk_sync_queue() callsKent Overstreet
2014-08-04bcache: add mutex lock for bch_is_openJianjian Huo
2014-08-04bcache: Correct printing of btree_gc_max_duration_msSurbhi Palande
2014-08-04bcache: try to set b->parent properlySlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: fix memory corruption in init error pathSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: fix crash with incomplete cache setSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: Fix more early shutdown bugsKent Overstreet
2014-08-04bcache: fix use-after-free in btree_gc_coalesce()Slava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: Fix an infinite loop in journal replayKent Overstreet
2014-08-04bcache: fix crash in bcache_btree_node_alloc_fail tracepointSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: bcache_write tracepoint was crashingSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: fix typo in bch_bkey_equal_headerSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: Allocate bounce buffers with GFP_NOWAITKent Overstreet
2014-08-04bcache: Make sure to pass GFP_WAIT to mempool_alloc()Kent Overstreet
2014-08-04bcache: fix uninterruptible sleep in writeback threadSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: wait for buckets when allocating new btree rootSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: fix crash on shutdown in passthrough modeSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: fix lockdep warnings on shutdownSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache allocator: send discards with correct sizeSlava Pestov
2014-08-04bcache: Fix to remove the rcu_sched stalls.Surbhi Palande
2014-08-04bcache: Fix a journal replay bugKent Overstreet
2014-08-04bcache: Fix a bug when detachingKent Overstreet
2014-07-10drbd: silence underflow warning in read_in_block()Dan Carpenter
2014-07-10drbd: implicitly truncate cpu-maskLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: drop spurious parameters from _drbd_md_sync_page_ioLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: resync should only lock out specific rangesLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add per device data_gen_idLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add per connection oldest requestsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add version tag to debugfs filesLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add per volume oldest_requestsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add callback_historyLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: Add in_flight_summaryLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: deal with destructor racing with open of debugfs fileLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add in_flight_summary dataLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: debugfs: add basic hierarchyLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: track details of bitmap IOLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: register peer requests on read_ee earlyLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: track timing details of peer_requestsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: improve throttling decisions of background resynchronisationLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: add caching oldest request pointers for replication stagesLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: add lists to find oldest pending requestsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: gather detailed timing statistics for drbd_requestsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: track meta data IO intent, start and submit timeLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: fix drbd_destroy_device reference count updatesLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: poison free'd device, resource and connection structsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: also keep track of trim -> zero-out fallback peer_requestsLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: consistently use list_add_tail for peer_request trackingLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: drop drbd_md_flushLars Ellenberg
2014-07-10drbd: add drbd_queue_work_if_unqueued helperLars Ellenberg