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+This directory includes a few programs that demonstrate how to use io_uring
+in an application. The examples are:
+ A very basic io_uring implementation of cp(1). It takes two
+ arguments, copies the first argument to the second. This example
+ is part of liburing, and hence uses the simplified liburing API
+ for setting up an io_uring instance, submitting IO, completing IO,
+ etc. The support functions in queue.c and setup.c are straight
+ out of liburing.
+ Benchmark program that does random reads on a number of files. This
+ app demonstrates the various features of io_uring, like fixed files,
+ fixed buffers, and polled IO. There are options in the program to
+ control which features to use. Arguments is the file (or files) that
+ io_uring-bench should operate on. This uses the raw io_uring
+ interface.
+liburing can be cloned with git here:
+ git://
+and contains a number of unit tests as well for testing io_uring. It also
+comes with man pages for the three system calls.
+Fio includes an io_uring engine, you can clone fio here:
+ git://