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@@ -162,14 +162,14 @@ Under each memory block, you can see 5 files:
which will be performed on all sections in the block.
``phys_device`` read-only: legacy interface only ever used on s390x to
expose the covered storage increment.
-``removable`` read-only: contains an integer value indicating
- whether the memory block is removable or not
- removable. A value of 1 indicates that the memory
- block is removable and a value of 0 indicates that
- it is not removable. A memory block is removable only if
- every section in the block is removable.
-``valid_zones`` read-only: designed to show which zones this memory block
- can be onlined to.
+``removable`` read-only: legacy interface that indicated whether a memory
+ block was likely to be offlineable or not. Newer kernel
+ versions return "1" if and only if the kernel supports
+ memory offlining.
+``valid_zones`` read-only: designed to show by which zone memory provided by
+ a memory block is managed, and to show by which zone memory
+ provided by an offline memory block could be managed when
+ onlining.
The first column shows it`s default zone.