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committerLinus Torvalds <>2022-01-11 14:26:55 -0800
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Merge tag 'fs.idmapped.v5.17' of git://
Pull fs idmapping updates from Christian Brauner: "This contains the work to enable the idmapping infrastructure to support idmapped mounts of filesystems mounted with an idmapping. In addition this contains various cleanups that avoid repeated open-coding of the same functionality and simplify the code in quite a few places. We also finish the renaming of the mapping helpers we started a few kernel releases back and move them to a dedicated header to not continue polluting the fs header needlessly with low-level idmapping helpers. With this series the fs header only contains idmapping helpers that interact with fs objects. Currently we only support idmapped mounts for filesystems mounted without an idmapping themselves. This was a conscious decision mentioned in multiple places (cf. [1]). As explained at length in [3] it is perfectly fine to extend support for idmapped mounts to filesystem's mounted with an idmapping should the need arise. The need has been there for some time now (cf. [2]). Before we can port any filesystem that is mountable with an idmapping to support idmapped mounts in the coming cycles, we need to first extend the mapping helpers to account for the filesystem's idmapping. This again, is explained at length in our documentation at [3] and also in the individual commit messages so here's an overview. Currently, the low-level mapping helpers implement the remapping algorithms described in [3] in a simplified manner as we could rely on the fact that all filesystems supporting idmapped mounts are mounted without an idmapping. In contrast, filesystems mounted with an idmapping are very likely to not use an identity mapping and will instead use a non-identity mapping. So the translation step from or into the filesystem's idmapping in the remapping algorithm cannot be skipped for such filesystems. Non-idmapped filesystems and filesystems not supporting idmapped mounts are unaffected by this change as the remapping algorithms can take the same shortcut as before. If the low-level helpers detect that they are dealing with an idmapped mount but the underlying filesystem is mounted without an idmapping we can rely on the previous shortcut and can continue to skip the translation step from or into the filesystem's idmapping. And of course, if the low-level helpers detect that they are not dealing with an idmapped mount they can simply return the relevant id unchanged; no remapping needs to be performed at all. These checks guarantee that only the minimal amount of work is performed. As before, if idmapped mounts aren't used the low-level helpers are idempotent and no work is performed at all" Link: 2ca4dcc4909d ("fs/mount_setattr: tighten permission checks") [1] Link: [2] Link: Documentations/filesystems/idmappings.rst [3] Link: a65e58e791a1 ("fs: document and rename fsid helpers") [4] * tag 'fs.idmapped.v5.17' of git:// fs: support mapped mounts of mapped filesystems fs: add i_user_ns() helper fs: port higher-level mapping helpers fs: remove unused low-level mapping helpers fs: use low-level mapping helpers docs: update mapping documentation fs: account for filesystem mappings fs: tweak fsuidgid_has_mapping() fs: move mapping helpers fs: add is_idmapped_mnt() helper
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/security/commoncap.c b/security/commoncap.c
index 3f810d37b71b..5fc8986c3c77 100644
--- a/security/commoncap.c
+++ b/security/commoncap.c
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
#include <linux/user_namespace.h>
#include <linux/binfmts.h>
#include <linux/personality.h>
+#include <linux/mnt_idmapping.h>
* If a non-root user executes a setuid-root binary in
@@ -418,7 +419,7 @@ int cap_inode_getsecurity(struct user_namespace *mnt_userns,
kroot = make_kuid(fs_ns, root);
/* If this is an idmapped mount shift the kuid. */
- kroot = kuid_into_mnt(mnt_userns, kroot);
+ kroot = mapped_kuid_fs(mnt_userns, fs_ns, kroot);
/* If the root kuid maps to a valid uid in current ns, then return
* this as a nscap. */
@@ -488,6 +489,7 @@ out_free:
* @size: size of @ivalue
* @task_ns: user namespace of the caller
* @mnt_userns: user namespace of the mount the inode was found from
+ * @fs_userns: user namespace of the filesystem
* If the inode has been found through an idmapped mount the user namespace of
* the vfsmount must be passed through @mnt_userns. This function will then
@@ -497,7 +499,8 @@ out_free:
static kuid_t rootid_from_xattr(const void *value, size_t size,
struct user_namespace *task_ns,
- struct user_namespace *mnt_userns)
+ struct user_namespace *mnt_userns,
+ struct user_namespace *fs_userns)
const struct vfs_ns_cap_data *nscap = value;
kuid_t rootkid;
@@ -507,7 +510,7 @@ static kuid_t rootid_from_xattr(const void *value, size_t size,
rootid = le32_to_cpu(nscap->rootid);
rootkid = make_kuid(task_ns, rootid);
- return kuid_from_mnt(mnt_userns, rootkid);
+ return mapped_kuid_user(mnt_userns, fs_userns, rootkid);
static bool validheader(size_t size, const struct vfs_cap_data *cap)
@@ -553,12 +556,12 @@ int cap_convert_nscap(struct user_namespace *mnt_userns, struct dentry *dentry,
return -EINVAL;
if (!capable_wrt_inode_uidgid(mnt_userns, inode, CAP_SETFCAP))
return -EPERM;
- if (size == XATTR_CAPS_SZ_2 && (mnt_userns == &init_user_ns))
+ if (size == XATTR_CAPS_SZ_2 && (mnt_userns == fs_ns))
if (ns_capable(inode->i_sb->s_user_ns, CAP_SETFCAP))
/* user is privileged, just write the v2 */
return size;
- rootid = rootid_from_xattr(*ivalue, size, task_ns, mnt_userns);
+ rootid = rootid_from_xattr(*ivalue, size, task_ns, mnt_userns, fs_ns);
if (!uid_valid(rootid))
return -EINVAL;
@@ -699,7 +702,7 @@ int get_vfs_caps_from_disk(struct user_namespace *mnt_userns,
/* Limit the caps to the mounter of the filesystem
* or the more limited uid specified in the xattr.
- rootkuid = kuid_into_mnt(mnt_userns, rootkuid);
+ rootkuid = mapped_kuid_fs(mnt_userns, fs_ns, rootkuid);
if (!rootid_owns_currentns(rootkuid))
return -ENODATA;