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Merge tag 'cpu-to-thread_info-v5.16-rc1' of git://
Pull thread_info update to move 'cpu' back from task_struct from Kees Cook: "Cross-architecture update to move task_struct::cpu back into thread_info on arm64, x86, s390, powerpc, and riscv. All Acked by arch maintainers. Quoting Ard Biesheuvel: 'Move task_struct::cpu back into thread_info Keeping CPU in task_struct is problematic for architectures that define raw_smp_processor_id() in terms of this field, as it requires linux/sched.h to be included, which causes a lot of pain in terms of circular dependencies (aka 'header soup') This series moves it back into thread_info (where it came from) for all architectures that enable THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK, addressing the header soup issue as well as some pointless differences in the implementations of task_cpu() and set_task_cpu()'" * tag 'cpu-to-thread_info-v5.16-rc1' of git:// riscv: rely on core code to keep thread_info::cpu updated powerpc: smp: remove hack to obtain offset of task_struct::cpu sched: move CPU field back into thread_info if THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK=y powerpc: add CPU field to struct thread_info s390: add CPU field to struct thread_info x86: add CPU field to struct thread_info arm64: add CPU field to struct thread_info
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