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Merge branch 'proc-linus' of git://
Pull proc updates from Eric Biederman: "This has four sets of changes: - modernize proc to support multiple private instances - ensure we see the exit of each process tid exactly - remove has_group_leader_pid - use pids not tasks in posix-cpu-timers lookup Alexey updated proc so each mount of proc uses a new superblock. This allows people to actually use mount options with proc with no fear of messing up another mount of proc. Given the kernel's internal mounts of proc for things like uml this was a real problem, and resulted in Android's hidepid mount options being ignored and introducing security issues. The rest of the changes are small cleanups and fixes that came out of my work to allow this change to proc. In essence it is swapping the pids in de_thread during exec which removes a special case the code had to handle. Then updating the code to stop handling that special case" * 'proc-linus' of git:// proc: proc_pid_ns takes super_block as an argument remove the no longer needed pid_alive() check in __task_pid_nr_ns() posix-cpu-timers: Replace __get_task_for_clock with pid_for_clock posix-cpu-timers: Replace cpu_timer_pid_type with clock_pid_type posix-cpu-timers: Extend rcu_read_lock removing task_struct references signal: Remove has_group_leader_pid exec: Remove BUG_ON(has_group_leader_pid) posix-cpu-timer: Unify the now redundant code in lookup_task posix-cpu-timer: Tidy up group_leader logic in lookup_task proc: Ensure we see the exit of each process tid exactly once rculist: Add hlists_swap_heads_rcu proc: Use PIDTYPE_TGID in next_tgid Use proc_pid_ns() to get pid_namespace from the proc superblock proc: use named enums for better readability proc: use human-readable values for hidepid docs: proc: add documentation for "hidepid=4" and "subset=pid" options and new mount behavior proc: add option to mount only a pids subset proc: instantiate only pids that we can ptrace on 'hidepid=4' mount option proc: allow to mount many instances of proc in one pid namespace proc: rename struct proc_fs_info to proc_fs_opts
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