path: root/security/selinux/selinuxfs.c
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authorDaniel Burgener <>2020-08-19 15:59:34 -0400
committerPaul Moore <>2020-08-21 09:39:10 -0400
commit613ba18798ac3cf257ecff65d490e8f1aa323588 (patch)
treeda33817458a112f680d0504a08f569dc5179cf35 /security/selinux/selinuxfs.c
parent66ec384ad3044d63c9726493a412a2ad5317eae5 (diff)
selinux: Standardize string literal usage for selinuxfs directory names
Switch class and policy_capabilities directory names to be referred to with global constants, consistent with booleans directory name. This will allow for easy consistency of naming in future development. Signed-off-by: Daniel Burgener <> Acked-by: Stephen Smalley <> Signed-off-by: Paul Moore <>
Diffstat (limited to 'security/selinux/selinuxfs.c')
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/security/selinux/selinuxfs.c b/security/selinux/selinuxfs.c
index cac585ce576b..2a0e8b5f19d5 100644
--- a/security/selinux/selinuxfs.c
+++ b/security/selinux/selinuxfs.c
@@ -117,6 +117,10 @@ static void selinux_fs_info_free(struct super_block *sb)
#define SEL_POLICYCAP_INO_OFFSET 0x08000000
#define SEL_INO_MASK 0x00ffffff
+#define BOOL_DIR_NAME "booleans"
+#define CLASS_DIR_NAME "class"
+#define POLICYCAP_DIR_NAME "policy_capabilities"
#define TMPBUFLEN 12
static ssize_t sel_read_enforce(struct file *filp, char __user *buf,
size_t count, loff_t *ppos)
@@ -1361,8 +1365,6 @@ static void sel_remove_entries(struct dentry *de)
-#define BOOL_DIR_NAME "booleans"
static int sel_make_bools(struct selinux_policy *newpolicy, struct dentry *bool_dir,
unsigned int *bool_num, char ***bool_pending_names,
unsigned int **bool_pending_values)
@@ -2078,14 +2080,14 @@ static int sel_fill_super(struct super_block *sb, struct fs_context *fc)
if (ret)
goto err;
- fsi->class_dir = sel_make_dir(sb->s_root, "class", &fsi->last_ino);
+ fsi->class_dir = sel_make_dir(sb->s_root, CLASS_DIR_NAME, &fsi->last_ino);
if (IS_ERR(fsi->class_dir)) {
ret = PTR_ERR(fsi->class_dir);
fsi->class_dir = NULL;
goto err;
- fsi->policycap_dir = sel_make_dir(sb->s_root, "policy_capabilities",
+ fsi->policycap_dir = sel_make_dir(sb->s_root, POLICYCAP_DIR_NAME,
if (IS_ERR(fsi->policycap_dir)) {
ret = PTR_ERR(fsi->policycap_dir);