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Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://
Pull ARM updates from Russell King: - improve ARM implementation of pfn_valid() - various sparse fixes - spelling fixes - add further ARMv8 debug architecture versions - clang fix for decompressor - update to generic vDSO - remove Brahma-B53 from spectre hardening - initialise broadcast hrtimer device - use correct nm executable in decompressor - remove old mcount * tag 'for-linus' of git:// (26 commits) ARM: 8940/1: ftrace: remove mcount(),ftrace_caller_old() and ftrace_call_old() ARM: 8939/1: kbuild: use correct nm executable ARM: 8938/1: kernel: initialize broadcast hrtimer based clock event device ARM: 8937/1: spectre-v2: remove Brahma-B53 from hardening ARM: 8933/1: replace Sun/Solaris style flag on section directive ARM: 8932/1: Add clock_gettime64 entry point ARM: 8931/1: Add clock_getres entry point ARM: 8930/1: Add support for generic vDSO ARM: 8929/1: use APSR_nzcv instead of r15 as mrc operand ARM: 8927/1: ARM/hw_breakpoint: add more ARMv8 debug architecture versions support ARM: 8918/2: only build return_address() if needed ARM: 8928/1: ARM_ERRATA_775420: Spelling s/date/data/ ARM: 8925/1: tcm: include <asm/tcm.h> for missing declarations ARM: 8924/1: tcm: make dtcm_end and itcm_end static ARM: 8923/1: mm: include <asm/vga.h> for vga_base ARM: 8922/1: parse_dt_topology() rate is pointer to __be32 ARM: 8920/1: share get_signal_page from signal.c to process.c ARM: 8919/1: make unexported functions static ARM: 8917/1: mm: include <asm/set_memory.h> ARM: 8916/1: mm: make set_section_perms() static ...
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