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Merge branch 'next-integrity' of git://
Pull IMA updates from Mimi Zohar: "Two new features - measuring certificates and querying IMA for a file hash - and three bug fixes: - Measuring certificates is like the rest of IMA, based on policy, but requires loading a custom policy. Certificates loaded onto a keyring, for example during early boot, before a custom policy has been loaded, are queued and only processed after loading the custom policy. - IMA calculates and caches files hashes. Other kernel subsystems, and possibly kernel modules, are interested in accessing these cached file hashes. The bug fixes prevent classifying a file short read (e.g. shutdown) as an invalid file signature, add a missing blank when displaying the securityfs policy rules containing LSM labels, and, lastly, fix the handling of the IMA policy information for unknown LSM labels" * 'next-integrity' of git:// IMA: Defined delayed workqueue to free the queued keys IMA: Call workqueue functions to measure queued keys IMA: Define workqueue for early boot key measurements IMA: pre-allocate buffer to hold keyrings string ima: ima/lsm policy rule loading logic bug fixes ima: add the ability to query the cached hash of a given file ima: Add a space after printing LSM rules for readability IMA: fix measuring asymmetric keys Kconfig IMA: Read keyrings= option from the IMA policy IMA: Add support to limit measuring keys KEYS: Call the IMA hook to measure keys IMA: Define an IMA hook to measure keys IMA: Add KEY_CHECK func to measure keys IMA: Check IMA policy flag ima: avoid appraise error for hash calc interrupt
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@@ -310,3 +310,15 @@ config IMA_APPRAISE_SIGNED_INIT
default n
This option requires user-space init to be signed.
+ bool
+ depends on IMA
+ default y
+ bool
+ default y