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Merge tag 'for-5.19/io_uring-passthrough-2022-05-22' of git://
Pull io_uring NVMe command passthrough from Jens Axboe: "On top of everything else, this adds support for passthrough for io_uring. The initial feature for this is NVMe passthrough support, which allows non-filesystem based IO commands and admin commands. To support this, io_uring grows support for SQE and CQE members that are twice as big, allowing to pass in a full NVMe command without having to copy data around. And to complete with more than just a single 32-bit value as the output" * tag 'for-5.19/io_uring-passthrough-2022-05-22' of git:// (22 commits) io_uring: cleanup handling of the two task_work lists nvme: enable uring-passthrough for admin commands nvme: helper for uring-passthrough checks blk-mq: fix passthrough plugging nvme: add vectored-io support for uring-cmd nvme: wire-up uring-cmd support for io-passthru on char-device. nvme: refactor nvme_submit_user_cmd() block: wire-up support for passthrough plugging fs,io_uring: add infrastructure for uring-cmd io_uring: support CQE32 for nop operation io_uring: enable CQE32 io_uring: support CQE32 in /proc info io_uring: add tracing for additional CQE32 fields io_uring: overflow processing for CQE32 io_uring: flush completions for CQE32 io_uring: modify io_get_cqe for CQE32 io_uring: add CQE32 completion processing io_uring: add CQE32 setup processing io_uring: change ring size calculation for CQE32 io_uring: store add. return values for CQE32 ...
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