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Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://
Pull kvm updates from Paolo Bonzini: "RISCV: - Use common KVM implementation of MMU memory caches - SBI v0.2 support for Guest - Initial KVM selftests support - Fix to avoid spurious virtual interrupts after clearing hideleg CSR - Update email address for Anup and Atish ARM: - Simplification of the 'vcpu first run' by integrating it into KVM's 'pid change' flow - Refactoring of the FP and SVE state tracking, also leading to a simpler state and less shared data between EL1 and EL2 in the nVHE case - Tidy up the header file usage for the nvhe hyp object - New HYP unsharing mechanism, finally allowing pages to be unmapped from the Stage-1 EL2 page-tables - Various pKVM cleanups around refcounting and sharing - A couple of vgic fixes for bugs that would trigger once the vcpu xarray rework is merged, but not sooner - Add minimal support for ARMv8.7's PMU extension - Rework kvm_pgtable initialisation ahead of the NV work - New selftest for IRQ injection - Teach selftests about the lack of default IPA space and page sizes - Expand sysreg selftest to deal with Pointer Authentication - The usual bunch of cleanups and doc update s390: - fix sigp sense/start/stop/inconsistency - cleanups x86: - Clean up some function prototypes more - improved gfn_to_pfn_cache with proper invalidation, used by Xen emulation - add KVM_IRQ_ROUTING_XEN_EVTCHN and event channel delivery - completely remove potential TOC/TOU races in nested SVM consistency checks - update some PMCs on emulated instructions - Intel AMX support (joint work between Thomas and Intel) - large MMU cleanups - module parameter to disable PMU virtualization - cleanup register cache - first part of halt handling cleanups - Hyper-V enlightened MSR bitmap support for nested hypervisors Generic: - clean up Makefiles - introduce CONFIG_HAVE_KVM_DIRTY_RING - optimize memslot lookup using a tree - optimize vCPU array usage by converting to xarray" * tag 'for-linus' of git:// (268 commits) x86/fpu: Fix inline prefix warnings selftest: kvm: Add amx selftest selftest: kvm: Move struct kvm_x86_state to header selftest: kvm: Reorder vcpu_load_state steps for AMX kvm: x86: Disable interception for IA32_XFD on demand x86/fpu: Provide fpu_sync_guest_vmexit_xfd_state() kvm: selftests: Add support for KVM_CAP_XSAVE2 kvm: x86: Add support for getting/setting expanded xstate buffer x86/fpu: Add uabi_size to guest_fpu kvm: x86: Add CPUID support for Intel AMX kvm: x86: Add XCR0 support for Intel AMX kvm: x86: Disable RDMSR interception of IA32_XFD_ERR kvm: x86: Emulate IA32_XFD_ERR for guest kvm: x86: Intercept #NM for saving IA32_XFD_ERR x86/fpu: Prepare xfd_err in struct fpu_guest kvm: x86: Add emulation for IA32_XFD x86/fpu: Provide fpu_update_guest_xfd() for IA32_XFD emulation kvm: x86: Enable dynamic xfeatures at KVM_SET_CPUID2 x86/fpu: Provide fpu_enable_guest_xfd_features() for KVM x86/fpu: Add guest support to xfd_enable_feature() ...
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