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Merge tag 'unicode-for-next-5.17' of git://
Pull unicode updates from Gabriel Krisman Bertazi: "This includes patches from Christoph Hellwig to split the large data tables of the unicode subsystem into a loadable module, which allow users to not have them around if case-insensitive filesystems are not to be used. It also includes minor code fixes to unicode and its users, from the same author. All the patches here have been on linux-next releases for the past months" * tag 'unicode-for-next-5.17' of git:// unicode: only export internal symbols for the selftests unicode: Add utf8-data module unicode: cache the normalization tables in struct unicode_map unicode: move utf8cursor to utf8-selftest.c unicode: simplify utf8len unicode: remove the unused utf8{,n}age{min,max} functions unicode: pass a UNICODE_AGE() tripple to utf8_load unicode: mark the version field in struct unicode_map unsigned unicode: remove the charset field from struct unicode_map f2fs: simplify f2fs_sb_read_encoding ext4: simplify ext4_sb_read_encoding
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