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Merge tag 'tpmdd-next-v5.17-fixed' of git://
Pull TPM updates from Jarkko Sakkinen: "Other than bug fixes for TPM, this includes a patch for asymmetric keys to allow to look up and verify with self-signed certificates (keys without so called AKID - Authority Key Identifier) using a new "dn:" prefix in the query" * tag 'tpmdd-next-v5.17-fixed' of git:// lib: remove redundant assignment to variable ret tpm: fix NPE on probe for missing device tpm: fix potential NULL pointer access in tpm_del_char_device tpm: Add Upgrade/Reduced mode support for TPM2 modules char: tpm: cr50: Set TPM_FIRMWARE_POWER_MANAGED based on device property keys: X.509 public key issuer lookup without AKID tpm_tis: Fix an error handling path in 'tpm_tis_core_init()' tpm: tpm_tis_spi_cr50: Add default RNG quality tpm/st33zp24: drop unneeded over-commenting tpm: add request_locality before write TPM_INT_ENABLE
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