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Merge tag 'irq_urgent_for_v6.0' of git://
Pull more irqchip fixes from Borislav Petkov: "More irqchip fixes for 6.0 from Marc Zyngier. Stuff got left hanging due to the whole Plumbers and vacations commotion. - A couple of configuration fixes for the recently merged Loongarch drivers - A fix to avoid dynamic allocation of a cpumask which was causing issues with PREEMPT_RT and the GICv3 ITS - A tightening of an error check in the stm32 exti driver" * tag 'irq_urgent_for_v6.0' of git:// irqchip/loongson-pch-lpc: Add dependence on LoongArch irqchip: Select downstream irqchip drivers for LoongArch CPU irqchip/gic-v3-its: Remove cpumask_var_t allocation irqchip/stm32-exti: Remove check on always false condition
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