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Merge tag 'asoc-v6.1' of into for-linus
ASoC: Updates for v6.1 This has been a very quiet release for the core but quite a busy one for drivers with a big crop of new drivers and lots of feature additions and fixes to existing ones: - A new string helper parse_int_array_user(). - Improvements to the SOF IPC4 code, especially around trace. - Support for AMD Rembrant DSPs, AMD Pink Sardine ACP 6.2, Apple Silcon systems, Everest ES8326, Intel Sky Lake and Kaby Lake, MediaTek MT8186 support, NXP i.MX8ULP DSPs, Qualcomm SC8280XP, SM8250 and SM8450 and Texas Instruments SRC4392 There is a conflict with the conversion of I2C remove functions to void in the cs42l42 driver which is fairly straightforward to resolve but should be highlighted to Linus.
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