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Merge tag 'drm-next-2022-10-05' of git://
Pull drm updates from Dave Airlie: "Lots of stuff all over, some new AMD IP support and gang submit support. i915 has further DG2 and Meteorlake pieces, and a bunch of i915 display refactoring. msm has a shrinker rework. There are also a bunch of conversions to use kunit. This has two external pieces, some MEI changes needed for future Intel discrete GPUs. These should be acked by Greg. There is also a cross maintainer shared tree with some backlight rework from Hans in here. Core: - convert selftests to kunit - managed init for more objects - move to idr_init_base - rename fb and gem cma helpers to dma - hide unregistered connectors from getconnector ioctl - DSC passthrough aux support - backlight handling improvements - add dma_resv_assert_held to vmap/vunmap edid: - move luminance calculation to core fbdev: - fix aperture helper usage fourcc: - add more format helpers - add DRM_FORMAT_Cxx, DRM_FORMAT_Rxx, DRM_FORMAT_Dxx - add packed AYUV8888, XYUV8888 - add some kunit tests ttm: - allow bos without backing store - rewrite placement to use intersect/compatible functions dma-buf: - docs update - improve signalling when debugging udmabuf: - fix failure path GPF dp: - drop dp/mst legacy code - atomic mst state support - audio infoframe packing panel: - Samsung LTL101AL01 - B120XAN01.0 - R140NWF5 RH - DMT028VGHMCMI-1A T - AUO B133UAN02.1 - IVO M133NW4J-R3 - Innolux N120ACA-EA1 amdgpu: - Gang submit support - Mode2 reset for RDNA2 - New IP support: DCN 3.1.4, 3.2 SMU 13.x NBIO 7.7 GC 11.x PSP 13.x SDMA 6.x GMC 11.x - DSC passthrough support - PSP fixes for TA support - vangogh GFXOFF stats - clang fixes - gang submit CS cleanup prep work - fix VRAM eviction issues amdkfd: - GC 10.3 IP ISA fixes - fix CRIU regression - CPU fault on COW mapping fixes i915: - align fw versioning with kernel practices - add display substruct to i915 private - add initial runtime info to driver info - split out HDCP and backlight registers - MEI XeHP SDV GSC support - add per-gt sysfs defaults - TLB invalidation improvements - Disable PCI BAR resize on 32-bit - GuC firmware updates and compat changes - GuC log timestamp translation - DG2 preemption workaround changes - DG2 improved HDMI pixel clocks support - PCI BAR sanity checks - Enable DC5 on DG2 - DG2 DMC fw bumped - ADL-S PCI ID added - Meteorlake enablement - Rename ggtt_view to gtt_view - host RPS fixes - release mmaps on rpm suspend on discrete - clocking and dpll refactoring - VBT definitions and parsing updates - SKL watermark code extracted to separate file - allow seamless M/N changes on eDP panels - BUG_ON removal and cleanups msm: - DPU: simplified VBIF configuration cleanup CTL interfaces - DSI: removed unused msm_display_dsc_config struct switch regulator calls to new API switched to PANEL_BRIDGE for direct attached panels - DSI_PHY: convert drivers to parent_hws - DP: cleanup pixel_rate handling - HDMI: turned hdmi-phy-8996 into OF clk provider - misc dt-bindings fixes - choose eDP as primary display if it's available - support getting interconnects from either the mdss or the mdp5/dpu device nodes - gem: Shrinker + LRU re-work: - adds a shared GEM LRU+shrinker helper and moves msm over to that - reduce lock contention between retire and submit by avoiding the need to acquire obj lock in retire path (and instead using resv seeing obj's busyness in the shrinker - fix reclaim vs submit issues - GEM fault injection for triggering userspace error paths - Map/unmap optimization - Improved robustness for a6xx GPU recovery virtio: - improve error and edge conditions handling - convert to use managed helpers - stop exposing LINEAR modifier mgag200: - split modeset handling per model udl: - suspend/disconnect handling improvements vc4: - rework HDMI power up - depend on PM - better unplugging support ast: - resolution handling improvements ingenic: - add JZ4760(B) support - avoid a modeset when sharpness property is unchanged - use the new PM ops it6505: - power seq and clock updates ssd130x: - regmap bulk write - use atomic helpers instead of simple helpers via: - rename via_drv to via_dri1, consolidate all code. radeon: - drop DP MST experimental support - delayed work flush fix - use time_after ti-sn65dsi86: - DP support mediatek: - MT8195 DP support - drop of_gpio header - remove unneeded result - small DP code improvements vkms: - RGB565, XRGB64 and ARGB64 support sun4i: - tv: convert to atomic rcar-du: - Synopsys DW HDMI bridge DT bindings update exynos: - use drm_display_info.is_hdmi - correct return of mixer_mode_valid and hdmi_mode_valid omap: - refcounting fix rockchip: - RK3568 support - RK3399 gamma support" * tag 'drm-next-2022-10-05' of git:// (1374 commits) drm/amdkfd: Fix UBSAN shift-out-of-bounds warning drm/amdkfd: Track unified memory when switching xnack mode drm/amdgpu: Enable sram on vcn_4_0_2 drm/amdgpu: Enable VCN DPG for GC11_0_1 drm/msm: Fix build break with recent mm tree drm/panel: simple: Use dev_err_probe() to simplify code drm/panel: panel-edp: Use dev_err_probe() to simplify code drm/panel: simple: Add Multi-Inno Technology MI0800FT-9 dt-bindings: display: simple: Add Multi-Inno Technology MI0800FT-9 panel drm/amdgpu: correct the memcpy size for ip discovery firmware drm/amdgpu: Skip put_reset_domain if it doesn't exist drm/amdgpu: remove switch from amdgpu_gmc_noretry_set drm/amdgpu: Fix mc_umc_status used uninitialized warning drm/amd/display: Prevent OTG shutdown during PSR SU drm/amdgpu: add page retirement handling for CPU RAS drm/amdgpu: use RAS error address convert api in mca notifier drm/amdgpu: support to convert dedicated umc mca address drm/amdgpu: export umc error address convert interface drm/amdgpu: fix sdma v4 init microcode error drm/amd/display: fix array-bounds error in dc_stream_remove_writeback() ...
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