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Merge branch 'mptcp-fix-MP_JOIN-failure-handling'
Paolo Abeni says: ==================== mptcp: fix MP_JOIN failure handling Currently if we hit an MP_JOIN failure on the third ack, the child socket is closed with reset, but the request socket is not deleted, causing weird behaviors. The main problem is that MPTCP's MP_JOIN code needs to plug it's own 'valid 3rd ack' checks and the current TCP callbacks do not allow that. This series tries to address the above shortcoming introducing a new MPTCP specific bit in a 'struct tcp_request_sock' hole, and leveraging that to allow tcp_check_req releasing the request socket when needed. The above allows cleaning-up a bit current MPTCP hooking in tcp_check_req(). An alternative solution, possibly cleaner but more invasive, would be changing the 'bool *own_req' syn_recv_sock() argument into 'int *req_status' and let MPTCP set it to 'REQ_DROP'. v1 -> v2: - be more conservative about drop_req initialization RFC -> v1: - move the drop_req bit inside tcp_request_sock (Eric) ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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