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Pull xfs irix ioctl housecleaning from Darrick Wong: "Remove the XFS_IOC_ALLOCSP* and XFS_IOC_FREESP* ioctl families. This is the second of a series of small pull requests that perform some long overdue housecleaning of XFS ioctls. This time, we're vacating the implementation of all variants of the ALLOCSP and FREESP ioctls, which are holdovers from EFS in Irix, circa 1993. Roughly equivalent functionality have been available for both ioctls since 2.6.25 (April 2008): - XFS_IOC_FREESP ftruncates a file. - XFS_IOC_ALLOCSP is the equivalent of fallocate. As noted in the fix patch for CVE 2021-4155, the ALLOCSP ioctl has been serving up stale disk blocks since 2000, and in 21 years **nobody** noticed. On those grounds I think it's safe to vacate the implementation. Note that we lose the ability to preallocate and truncate relative to the current file position, but as nobody's ever implemented that for the VFS, I conclude that it's not in high demand. Linux has always used fallocate as the space management system call, whereas these Irix legacy ioctls only ever worked on XFS, and have been the cause of recent stale data disclosure vulnerabilities. As equivalent functionality is available elsewhere, remove the code" * tag 'xfs-5.17-merge-5' of git:// xfs: kill the XFS_IOC_{ALLOC,FREE}SP* ioctls
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