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Merge tag 'fscache-fixes-20220121' of git://
Pull more fscache updates from David Howells: "A set of fixes and minor updates for the fscache rewrite: - Fix mishandling of volume collisions (the wait condition is inverted and so it was only waiting if the volume collision was already resolved). - Fix miscalculation of whether there's space available in cachefiles. - Make sure a default cache name is set on a cache if the user hasn't set one by the time they bind the cache. - Adjust the way the backing inode is presented in tracepoints, add a tracepoint for mkdir and trace directory lookup. - Add a tracepoint for failure to set the active file mark. - Add an explanation of the checks made on the backing filesystem. - Check that the backing filesystem supports tmpfile. - Document how the page-release cancellation of the read-skip optimisation works. And I've included a change for netfslib: - Make ops->init_rreq() optional" * tag 'fscache-fixes-20220121' of git:// netfs: Make ops->init_rreq() optional fscache: Add a comment explaining how page-release optimisation works cachefiles: Check that the backing filesystem supports tmpfiles cachefiles: Explain checks in a comment cachefiles: Trace active-mark failure cachefiles: Make some tracepoint adjustments cachefiles: set default tag name if it's unspecified cachefiles: Calculate the blockshift in terms of bytes, not pages fscache: Fix the volume collision wait condition
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