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authorMikulas Patocka <>2021-02-23 21:21:20 +0100
committerMike Snitzer <>2021-03-04 14:53:54 -0500
commita14e5ec66a7a66e57b24e2469f9212a78460207e (patch)
tree32846198fd86f5d019701b0d1a0a0e69ebcf7788 /drivers
parenta666e5c05e7c4aaabb2c5d58117b0946803d03d2 (diff)
dm bufio: subtract the number of initial sectors in dm_bufio_get_device_size
dm_bufio_get_device_size returns the device size in blocks. Before returning the value, we must subtract the nubmer of starting sectors. The number of starting sectors may not be divisible by block size. Note that currently, no target is using dm_bufio_set_sector_offset and dm_bufio_get_device_size simultaneously, so this change has no effect. However, an upcoming dm-verity-fec fix needs this change. Signed-off-by: Mikulas Patocka <> Reviewed-by: Milan Broz <> Cc: Signed-off-by: Mike Snitzer <>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/md/dm-bufio.c b/drivers/md/dm-bufio.c
index fce4cbf9529d..50f3e673729c 100644
--- a/drivers/md/dm-bufio.c
+++ b/drivers/md/dm-bufio.c
@@ -1526,6 +1526,10 @@ EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(dm_bufio_get_block_size);
sector_t dm_bufio_get_device_size(struct dm_bufio_client *c)
sector_t s = i_size_read(c->bdev->bd_inode) >> SECTOR_SHIFT;
+ if (s >= c->start)
+ s -= c->start;
+ else
+ s = 0;
if (likely(c->sectors_per_block_bits >= 0))
s >>= c->sectors_per_block_bits;