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Merge tag 'kbuild-v5.19' of git://
Pull Kbuild updates from Masahiro Yamada: - Add HOSTPKG_CONFIG env variable to allow users to override pkg-config - Support W=e as a shorthand for KCFLAGS=-Werror - Fix CONFIG_IKHEADERS build to support toybox cpio - Add scripts/dummy-tools/pahole to ease distro packagers' life - Suppress false-positive warnings from for W=2 build - Factor out the common code of arch/*/boot/ into scripts/ - Support 'kernel-install' tool in scripts/prune-kernel - Refactor module-versioning to link the symbol versions at the final link of vmlinux and modules - Remove CONFIG_MODULE_REL_CRCS because module-versioning now works in an arch-agnostic way - Refactor modpost, Makefiles * tag 'kbuild-v5.19' of git:// (56 commits) genksyms: adjust the output format to modpost kbuild: stop merging *.symversions kbuild: link symbol CRCs at final link, removing CONFIG_MODULE_REL_CRCS modpost: extract symbol versions from *.cmd files modpost: add sym_find_with_module() helper modpost: change the license of EXPORT_SYMBOL to bool type modpost: remove left-over cross_compile declaration kbuild: record symbol versions in *.cmd files kbuild: generate a list of objects in vmlinux modpost: move *.mod.c generation to write_mod_c_files() modpost: merge add_{intree_flag,retpoline,staging_flag} to add_header scripts/prune-kernel: Use kernel-install if available kbuild: factor out the common installation code into scripts/ modpost: split new_symbol() to symbol allocation and hash table addition modpost: make sym_add_exported() always allocate a new symbol modpost: make multiple export error modpost: dump Module.symvers in the same order of modules.order modpost: traverse the namespace_list in order modpost: use doubly linked list for dump_lists modpost: traverse unresolved symbols in order ...
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diff --git a/certs/Makefile b/certs/Makefile
index 1d26ae36af20..bb904f90f139 100644
--- a/certs/Makefile
+++ b/certs/Makefile
@@ -86,5 +86,5 @@ targets += x509_revocation_list
hostprogs := extract-cert
-HOSTCFLAGS_extract-cert.o = $(shell pkg-config --cflags libcrypto 2> /dev/null)
-HOSTLDLIBS_extract-cert = $(shell pkg-config --libs libcrypto 2> /dev/null || echo -lcrypto)
+HOSTCFLAGS_extract-cert.o = $(shell $(HOSTPKG_CONFIG) --cflags libcrypto 2> /dev/null)
+HOSTLDLIBS_extract-cert = $(shell $(HOSTPKG_CONFIG) --libs libcrypto 2> /dev/null || echo -lcrypto)