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authorChristoph Hellwig <>2016-09-14 16:18:54 +0200
committerJens Axboe <>2016-09-15 08:42:03 -0600
commit7d7e0f90b70f6c5367c2d1c9a7e87dd228bd0816 (patch)
tree6105df4466a36e85a24ead3b67a35d31f9f37011 /block/blk-mq.h
parentbdd17e75cd97c5c39feee409890a91d0396640fe (diff)
blk-mq: remove ->map_queue
All drivers use the default, so provide an inline version of it. If we ever need other queue mapping we can add an optional method back, although supporting will also require major changes to the queue setup code. This provides better code generation, and better debugability as well. Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <> Reviewed-by: Keith Busch <> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/block/blk-mq.h b/block/blk-mq.h
index 9087b11037b7..ec774bf4aea2 100644
--- a/block/blk-mq.h
+++ b/block/blk-mq.h
@@ -52,6 +52,12 @@ extern int blk_mq_update_queue_map(unsigned int *map, unsigned int nr_queues,
const struct cpumask *online_mask);
extern int blk_mq_hw_queue_to_node(unsigned int *map, unsigned int);
+static inline struct blk_mq_hw_ctx *blk_mq_map_queue(struct request_queue *q,
+ int cpu)
+ return q->queue_hw_ctx[q->mq_map[cpu]];
* sysfs helpers