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Merge tag 'clk-for-linus' of git://
Pull clk updates from Stephen Boyd: "This is all driver updates, the majority of which is a bunch of new Qualcomm clk drivers that dominate the diffstat because we add support for six SoCs from that particular vendor. The other big change is the removal of various clk drivers that are no longer used now that the kernel is dropping support for those SoCs. Beyond that there's the usual non-critical fixes for existing drivers and a good number of patches from Lee Jones that cleanup a bunch of W=1 enabled builds. Removed Drivers: - Remove efm32 clk driver - Remove tango4 clk driver - Remove zte zx clk driver - Remove sirf prima2/atlast clk drivers - Remove u300 clk driver New Drivers: - PLL support on MStar/SigmaStar ARMv7 SoCs - CPU clks for Qualcomm SDX55 - GCC and RPMh clks for Qualcomm SC8180x and SC7280 SoCs - GCC clks for Qualcomm SM8350 - GPU clks for Qualcomm SDM660/SDM630 Updates: - Video clk fixups on Qualcomm SM8250 - Improvements for multimedia clks on Qualcomm MSM8998 - Fix many warnings with W=1 enabled builds under drivers/clk/ - Support crystal load capacitance for Versaclock VC5 - Add a "skip recall" DT binding for Silicon Labs' si570 to avoid glitches at boot - Convert Xilinx VCU clk driver to a proper clk provider driver - Expose Xilinx ZynqMP clk driver to more platforms - Amlogic pll driver fixup - Amlogic meson8b clock controller dt support clean up - Remove mipi clk from the Amlogic axg clock controller - New Rockchip rk3368 clock ids related to camera input - Use pr_notice() instead of pr_warn() on i.MX6Q pre-boot ldb_di_clk reparenting - A series from Liu Ying that adds some SCU clocks support for i.MX8qxp DC0/MIPI-LVDS subsystems - A series from Lucas Stach that adds PLL monitor clocks for i.MX8MQ, and clkout1/2 support for i.MX8MM/MN - Add I2c and Ethernet (RAVB) clocks on Renesas R-Car V3U - Add timer (TMU) clocks on most Renesas R-Car Gen3 SoCs - Add video-related (FCPVD/VSPD/VSPX), watchdog (RWDT), serial (HSCIF), pincontrol/GPIO (PFC/GPIO), SPI (MSIOF), SDHI, and DMA (SYS-DMAC) clocks on Renesas R-Car V3U - Add support for the USB 2.0 clock selector on Renesas RZ/G2 SoCs - Allwinner H616 SoC clk support" * tag 'clk-for-linus' of git:// (171 commits) clk: mstar: msc313-mpll: Fix format specifier clk: mstar: Allow MStar clk drivers to be compile tested clk: qoriq: use macros to generate pll_mask clk: qcom: Add Global Clock controller (GCC) driver for SC7280 dt-bindings: clock: Add SC7280 GCC clock binding clk: qcom: rpmh: Add support for RPMH clocks on SC7280 dt-bindings: clock: Add RPMHCC bindings for SC7280 clk: qcom: gcc-sm8350: add gdsc dt-bindings: clock: Add QCOM SDM630 and SDM660 graphics clock bindings clk: qcom: Add SDM660 GPU Clock Controller (GPUCC) driver clk: qcom: mmcc-msm8996: Migrate gfx3d clock to clk_rcg2_gfx3d clk: qcom: rcg2: Stop hardcoding gfx3d pingpong parent numbers dt-bindings: clock: Add support for the SDM630 and SDM660 mmcc clk: qcom: Add SDM660 Multimedia Clock Controller (MMCC) driver clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Mark GPU CFG AHB clock as critical clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Mark MMSS NoC CFG AHB clock as critical clk: qcom: gpucc-msm8998: Allow fabia gpupll0 rate setting clk: qcom: gpucc-msm8998: Add resets, cxc, fix flags on gpu_gx_gdsc clk: qcom: gdsc: Implement NO_RET_PERIPH flag clk: mstar: MStar/SigmaStar MPLL driver ...
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@@ -2126,10 +2126,13 @@ L: (moderated for non-subscribers)
S: Maintained
F: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/arm/mstar/*
+F: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/mstar,msc313-mpll.yaml
F: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/gpio/mstar,msc313-gpio.yaml
F: arch/arm/boot/dts/mstar-*
F: arch/arm/mach-mstar/
+F: drivers/clk/mstar/
F: drivers/gpio/gpio-msc313.c
+F: include/dt-bindings/clock/mstar-*
F: include/dt-bindings/gpio/msc313-gpio.h
@@ -12774,6 +12777,13 @@ F: drivers/iio/gyro/fxas21002c_core.c
F: drivers/iio/gyro/fxas21002c_i2c.c
F: drivers/iio/gyro/fxas21002c_spi.c
+M: Abel Vesa <>
+S: Maintained
+F: drivers/clk/imx/
M: Laurentiu Palcu <>
R: Lucas Stach <>