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Merge tag 'folio-5.19' of git://
Pull page cache updates from Matthew Wilcox: - Appoint myself page cache maintainer - Fix how scsicam uses the page cache - Use the memalloc_nofs_save() API to replace AOP_FLAG_NOFS - Remove the AOP flags entirely - Remove pagecache_write_begin() and pagecache_write_end() - Documentation updates - Convert several address_space operations to use folios: - is_dirty_writeback - readpage becomes read_folio - releasepage becomes release_folio - freepage becomes free_folio - Change filler_t to require a struct file pointer be the first argument like ->read_folio * tag 'folio-5.19' of git:// (107 commits) nilfs2: Fix some kernel-doc comments Appoint myself page cache maintainer fs: Remove aops->freepage secretmem: Convert to free_folio nfs: Convert to free_folio orangefs: Convert to free_folio fs: Add free_folio address space operation fs: Convert drop_buffers() to use a folio fs: Change try_to_free_buffers() to take a folio jbd2: Convert release_buffer_page() to use a folio jbd2: Convert jbd2_journal_try_to_free_buffers to take a folio reiserfs: Convert release_buffer_page() to use a folio fs: Remove last vestiges of releasepage ubifs: Convert to release_folio reiserfs: Convert to release_folio orangefs: Convert to release_folio ocfs2: Convert to release_folio nilfs2: Remove comment about releasepage nfs: Convert to release_folio jfs: Convert to release_folio ...
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