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Pull tracing fixes from Steven Rostedt: "User events: - Use long instead of int for storing the enable set/clear bit, as it was found that big endian machines could end up using the wrong bits. - Split allocating mm and attaching it. This keeps the allocation separate from the registration and avoids various races. - Remove RCU locking around pin_user_pages_remote() as that can schedule. The RCU protection is no longer needed with the above split of mm allocation and attaching. - Rename the "link" fields of the various structs to something more meaningful. - Add comments around user_event_mm struct usage and locking requirements. Timerlat tracer: - Fix missed wakeup of timerlat thread caused by the timerlat interrupt triggering when tracing is off. The timer interrupt handler needs to always wake up the timerlat thread regardless if tracing is enabled or not, otherwise, it will never wake up. Histograms: - Fix regression of breaking the "stacktrace" modifier for variables. That modifier cannot be used for values, but can be used for variables that are passed from one histogram to the next. This was broken when adding the restriction to values as the variable logic used the same code. - Rename the special field "stacktrace" to "common_stacktrace". Special fields (that are not actually part of the event, but can act just like event fields, like 'comm' and 'timestamp') should be prefixed with 'common_' for consistency. To keep backward compatibility, 'stacktrace' can still be used (as with the special field 'cpu'), but can be overridden if the event has a field called 'stacktrace'. - Update the synthetic event selftests to use the new name (synthetic events are created by histograms) Tracing bootup selftests: - Reorganize the code to keep artifacts of the selftests not compiled in when selftests are not configured. - Add various cond_resched() around the selftest code, as the softlock watchdog was triggering much more often. It appears that the kernel runs slower now with full debugging enabled. - While debugging ftrace with ftrace (using an instance ring buffer instead of the top level one), I found that the selftests were disabling prints to the debug instance. This should not happen, as the selftests only disable printing to the main buffer as the selftests examine the main buffer to see if it has what it expects, and prints can make the tests fail. Make the selftests only disable printing to the toplevel buffer, and leave the instance buffers alone" * tag 'trace-v6.4-rc3' of git:// tracing: Have function_graph selftest call cond_resched() tracing: Only make selftest conditionals affect the global_trace tracing: Make tracing_selftest_running/delete nops when not used tracing: Have tracer selftests call cond_resched() before running tracing: Move setting of tracing_selftest_running out of register_tracer() tracing/selftests: Update synthetic event selftest to use common_stacktrace tracing: Rename stacktrace field to common_stacktrace tracing/histograms: Allow variables to have some modifiers tracing/user_events: Document user_event_mm one-shot list usage tracing/user_events: Rename link fields for clarity tracing/user_events: Remove RCU lock while pinning pages tracing/user_events: Split up mm alloc and attach tracing/timerlat: Always wakeup the timerlat thread tracing/user_events: Use long vs int for atomic bit ops
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