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authorPaolo Valente <>2021-10-15 16:43:36 +0200
committerJens Axboe <>2021-10-17 07:03:02 -0600
commitd29bd41428cfff9b582c248db14a47e2be8457a8 (patch)
parenta20417611b98e12a724e5c828c472ea16990b71f (diff)
block, bfq: reset last_bfqq_created on group changeblock-5.15-2021-10-17
Since commit 430a67f9d616 ("block, bfq: merge bursts of newly-created queues"), BFQ maintains a per-group pointer to the last bfq_queue created. If such a queue, say bfqq, happens to move to a different group, then bfqq is no more a valid last bfq_queue created for its previous group. That pointer must then be cleared. Not resetting such a pointer may also cause UAF, if bfqq happens to also be freed after being moved to a different group. This commit performs this missing reset. As such it fixes commit 430a67f9d616 ("block, bfq: merge bursts of newly-created queues"). Such a missing reset is most likely the cause of the crash reported in [1]. With some analysis, we found that this crash was due to the above UAF. And such UAF did go away with this commit applied [1]. Anyway, before this commit, that crash happened to be triggered in conjunction with commit 2d52c58b9c9b ("block, bfq: honor already-setup queue merges"). The latter was then reverted by commit ebc69e897e17 ("Revert "block, bfq: honor already-setup queue merges""). Yet commit 2d52c58b9c9b ("block, bfq: honor already-setup queue merges") contains no error related with the above UAF, and can then be restored. [1] Fixes: 430a67f9d616 ("block, bfq: merge bursts of newly-created queues") Tested-by: Grzegorz Kowal <> Signed-off-by: Paolo Valente <> Link: Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/block/bfq-cgroup.c b/block/bfq-cgroup.c
index e2f14508f2d6..85b8e1c3a762 100644
--- a/block/bfq-cgroup.c
+++ b/block/bfq-cgroup.c
@@ -666,6 +666,12 @@ void bfq_bfqq_move(struct bfq_data *bfqd, struct bfq_queue *bfqq,
bfq_put_idle_entity(bfq_entity_service_tree(entity), entity);
+ if (entity->parent &&
+ entity->parent->last_bfqq_created == bfqq)
+ entity->parent->last_bfqq_created = NULL;
+ else if (bfqd->last_bfqq_created == bfqq)
+ bfqd->last_bfqq_created = NULL;
entity->parent = bfqg->my_entity;
entity->sched_data = &bfqg->sched_data;
/* pin down bfqg and its associated blkg */