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Documentation/Changes: remove outdated translation references
The patch removes references to kernel 2.4 and to translations that are outdated for 2.6 (german translation is at 2.4.20) or hosts that are not available. Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <>
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diff --git a/Documentation/Changes b/Documentation/Changes
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--- a/Documentation/Changes
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@@ -15,24 +15,6 @@ and therefore owes credit to the same people as that file (Jared Mauch,
Axel Boldt, Alessandro Sigala, and countless other users all over the
-The latest revision of this document, in various formats, can always
-be found at <>.
-Feel free to translate this document. If you do so, please send me a
-URL to your translation for inclusion in future revisions of this
-Smotrite file <>, yavlyaushisya
-russkim perevodom dannogo documenta.
-Visite <> para obtener la traducción
-al español de este documento en varios formatos.
-Eine deutsche Version dieser Datei finden Sie unter
-Chris Ricker ( or
Current Minimal Requirements